Demi Rose Just Barely Covers Her Famous Curves While Modeling A Dangerously Small Swimsuit

Nathan Francis

Demi Rose showed off a new swimsuit that just barely kept her famous curves covered up.

The model took to Instagram on Sunday to showcase a one-piece swimsuit with a plunging front that kept her just covered enough to stay within the social media platform's rules against overt nudity. Rose shared a series of snaps that showed off the outfit, including one where her long, dark hair fell over her shoulder as she shot a sultry look into the camera. In the second pose, she closed her eyes and tilted her head downward, placing one hand along her jawline and the other on the back of her hair.

The post was a big hit with her fans, garnering close to a quarter of a million likes in just the first hour. Many devotees left supportive comments for the British model, complimenting her curvy physique.

"God you're beautiful," one person wrote.

"Captivating beauty," added another user, punctuating the comment with a series of heart emoji.

In the caption, Rose asked for some help in deciding which of the two snaps looked best, though most of her fans had a difficult time deciding.

"Both are beautiful," one of her followers wrote.

"Some say that there is a goddess called Tanit who is protector of women and still watches over Ibiza. Tanit is a warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction and that her place of residence is the west coast, home of the sunset, in particular the area around Atlantis and the mystical Es Vedra," she wrote.

The picture shared on Sunday did a bit of double duty for Rose, attracting some viral attention while also furthering her own business interests. The racy swimsuit that she modeled was from PrettyLittleThing, the fashion company that has employed her as a brand ambassador. Rose often models the label's designs, tagging them in the photos and giving a shout out to the company in her captions.