Lindsay Lohan Rehab Shopping, Now Reportedly Checked Into Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan was in rehab, then she skipped out, and now she’s back in rehab, according to her father Michael Lohan. Confused yet? So are we. But the latest report from The New York Daily Mail is that she may have checked into California’s Betty Ford Center late on Thursday — the same rehab where she previously got into a scuffle with the staff.

As Todd Rigney previously reported, some sources say that Lilo apparently took one look at the facilities of the Morningside Recovery at around 11 AM and then took a hike.

She was supposed to report on Thursday morning, and her then-attorney Mark Heller apparently put his foot in his mouth when he told Los Angeles County Judge James Dabney that she was already checked in — at the same time that photographers documented her wandering through an electronics store at a Fountain Valley, CA mall.

Oops. That’s not good. The judge had ordered to stay at the facility for 90 days.

Santa Monica City Prosecutor Terry White was furious. “Ms. Lohan is in violation of her probation, that much is clear,” he told The Los Angeles Times.

White added that if Lindsay Lohan didn’t check into the court-ordered facility on Thursday, she would be subject to arrest. Picking and choosing a different treatment center — rehab shopping, if you like — “is highly improper,” he said.

E! Online reporters said that Lohan had until Friday at 6 AM to comply with the court order before White will have her arrested.

Their unnamed source said that Lohan panicked because of the crowd of people at Morningside there to watch her check into rehab. The troubled 26-year-old star blamed her attorney Mark Heller for the disorganized mess.

The rumors seem to agree that Heller will be — or perhaps already is — fired.

Shawn Holley may have been rehired in a last-ditch emergency effort to place Lohan at Betty Ford.

Well, that’s what Michael Lohan told The New York Daily Mail, in any case. Should you believe it?

A lot depends on how much trust you put in daddy dearest’s information. The two aren’t always particularly close, to put it mildly.

I’m not sure where Lindsay Lohan really is right now. Time will tell.

But I have a pretty good idea of where she’ll end up if she doesn’t comply with the judge’s order. Maybe they do it differently out there in California, but in most states, the judge tells you where to go. You don’t tell the judge.

Even if you’re Lindsay Lohan.

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