Kaley Cuoco's Husband Shares Photo Of Her In Bed & She Asks 'What Is Wrong' With Him

Kaley Cuoco didn't seem too thrilled with the pic that her husband shared on Instagram this week.

Professional equestrian Karl Cook occasionally delights his 407,000 followers by snapping candid photos of his famous wife and posting them on his account. His latest share was a family selfie that included one of the couple's fur babies.

He took the photo while he, Kaley, and Dumpy the chihuahua were all snuggled up in bed. His wife was clad in a white T-shirt. She still had some jewelry on, including two gold rings and a black rubber wristband. Her blond hair was pulled up in a high, messy topknot.

She had her pillow propped against the couple's wooden headboard. A gray fleece blanket was pulled up to her neck, and Dumpy was partially covered by it. He was dozing peacefully, but Kaley was clearly awake. She grabbed the shoulder of her hubby's gray T-shirt with her outstretched right hand, and she reached toward him with her left as well. It looked like she was trying to stop him from taking a photo, but he held the phone out of her reach. Her eyes were closed, and both she and her spouse made "O" shapes with their mouths.

In his caption, Karl joked that trying to take a selfie with Kaley is a "nightmare," but he described Dumpy as a "pro" when it comes to posing for pics. Kaley used the comments section to share her thoughts about her husband's post.

"What is wrong with you for real," The Big Bang Theory star wrote.

Fans found the exchange and the pic hilarious. Various laughing emoji were popular responses to the post, and many people also left messages expressing their delight.

"I just exploded with unexpected laughter and shocked my boyfriend nearly off the couch. Thank you for this," one response read.

"Now this is true love," another commenter quipped.

"Lol you guys always make me laugh," a third fan chimed in.

A number of people also mentioned Karl's new mullet.

"Maybe she's scared of your mullet," a fourth person suggested.

Kaley shared a photo of her hubby's wild hairstyle on Instagram earlier this month in a post that can be viewed here. She frowned at the camera as he kissed her, and she jokingly suggested that she wasn't a fan of the look.

"I don't remember saying 'in sickness and health oh and mullets,'" she wrote.

While the couple often shares silly posts about each other on social media, they also get gushy on occasion. As reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley sang her man's praises after he gave her a one-of-a-kind birthday gift that he made himself.