Laura Sagra Heats Up Instagram In A Strapless, Cut-Out Bikini While Drenched In Sunshine

Columbian beauty Laura Sagra thrilled her 1 million Instagram followers on Saturday with a delightfully sexy update that seemed to lift their spirits. The fitness and bikini model showcased her incredible physique while relaxing outdoors with a stunning expanse of blue sky in the background.

Laura expressed her lighthearted mood in the caption, which was also evident in her tranquil, sun-kissed expression. In the first ten minutes after the post was uploaded, over 1,000 fans had double-tapped their screens to show their approval for her spectacular appearance.

Laura's navy blue bathing suit featured a skimpy design that displayed lots of skin. The top was a strapless bandeau style embellished with a trio of circular cutouts in the center that revealed an ample portion of her cleavage.

The matching bottoms had a slight dip in the front and double straps that ran low across her petite hips.

She also wore a pair of white Nike sneakers with no visible socks. Other accessories included a watchband on her left wrist and a pair of delicate, gold-colored chains around her neck. Her short, manicured nails were painted a pale shade with dark accents.

Laura casually styled her platinum tresses and they fell over one shoulder in loose waves. Long, layered tendrils framed both sides of her face.

She posed on what appeared to be a rooftop balcony overlooking the tops of green trees and a small cluster of high rise buildings in the distance. The sky was dotted with serene white clouds. A glass wall encircled the elevated patio, allowing for optimal view of the landscape.

Laura lounged sideways on a long, wicker couch lined with plush cushions. She faced the camera with her left leg open wide and folded in front of her body. Her right knee was spread in the other direction and her toes touched the brick floor.

Her left elbow rested on the back of the cushion and she trailed her fingertips through a section of her hair. The other hand was draped on the corresponding thigh. She turned her head to one side and gazed off-camera with a slight smile.

Although Laura appeared to be quite relaxed in the snap, the sunshine spilling across her midsection showed that her abdominal muscles still appeared surprisingly taut and engaged. The light struck her body at a distinct angle, indicating that the sun was close to the horizon, although it was difficult to discern whether it was very early in the morning or nearing the end of the day.