Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Shows Off Her Pert Derriere In A Swimsuit With A Revealing Back

On Saturday, Nastia Liukin informed her 1 million Instagram followers that she was reminiscing about her vacation in Maui. Much to their delight, she posted a gorgeous throwback pic from the trip on her page.

Since her retirement from competitive gymnastics, Nastia, 31, has traded her leotards for stylish swimwear. However, she hasn't stopped traveling. The Olympic gold medalist has become a popular influencer whose fans enjoy seeing photos taken during her travels, as well as pictures of the agile athlete showing off her chic style. Her throwback shot was a combination of the two.

Nastia was photographed from a low angle. The position of the camera made her lithe legs look insanely long. Her black swimsuit featured a high cut that further elongated her toned limbs. The leg openings were wide enough to expose a glimpse of her pert derrière. The dip on the side of her left hip was also visible. The swimsuit's back was mostly open, save for the seat and a thick band that stretched across her sinuous frame.

The former Dancing with the Stars competitor added a touch of sparkle to her look by rocking a chunky gold belly chain. She also wore an array of bracelets on her left wrist. She kept her face and eyes shielded from the sun by rocking a wide-brimmed black hat and a pair of sunglasses with dark lenses and gold frames. Her shoulder-length blond hair was styled in voluminous waves

Nastia stood sideways with her legs scissored. She grasped the front of her belly chain with her left hand and placed her right hand over her chest. She turned to look in the camera's direction. Even though her eyes were covered, her facial expression looked fierce.

Nastia chose to pose in front of a manicured hedge. Behind it, there were numerous tall palm trees with slender trunks. The backdrop of her photo also included the blue sky above the tropical plants' feathery green fronds.

In her caption, Nastia wrote that she was "mentally" in Maui, but she was actually stuck at home in Dallas, Texas, where it was pouring down rain. Her Instagram followers seemed to like revisiting her Hawaiian getaway with her, based on their responses to her post.

"Love this shot!" wrote one admirer in the comments section.

"Damn! Now that's a lovely view!" gushed another fan.

"Lookin' like THAT, Nastia...we all wish you were in Maui, just for the content," a third message read.

Nastia also serves up plenty of looks when she's at home. In one recent pic, she rocked a black bodysuit with a cut-out back.