Hannah Palmer Displays Her Slender Thighs In Tight Biker Shorts While Practicing 'Self Care'

Hannah Palmer treated her 1.7 million Instagram followers to two photos of herself rocking a skintight athletic ensemble.

The model was dressed to enjoy a hike outdoors. She posed on a narrow paved road. It wound around the side of a steep mountain covered with grass, shrubs, and trees. A few of the trees grew beside the road where Hannah's photos were taken. However, she avoided the shade to take advantage of the sun's flattering golden light. Then natural illumination gave her sun-kissed skin a soft glow while bringing out its warm tones.

Hannah's outfit consisted of a sports bra and a pair of skintight biker shorts. The pieces featured an elongating pattern of vertical pinstripes in white and blue. Her top had a scoop neck that revealed a demure amount of her décolletage. It was finished with two front seams hidden by blue piping.

The model's shorts featured similar construction with crisp, clean lines. However, the garment's center seam and the one underneath its wide waistband were white. The shorts reached the smallest part of her waist, emphasizing its tiny size.

In her first pic, Hannah stood with her right hip cocked and her left leg popped out to the side. The pose highlighted her toned thighs' slender shape. She raised her right hand up beside her head with her fingers curled to reveal a glimpse of her pink patterned manicure.

Hannah's blond locks were styled in a blowout and parted to one side. It appeared that she was photographed as she was flicking her hair back.

A small smile played on her lips in both of her pics, while the sunlight made her light blue eyes shine. The second snapshot saw her standing sideways. It captured the curves of her chest and pert derrière. Her stomach was flat and trim.

In the caption of the post, Hannah wrote that she was practicing "self care" by being active and getting some fresh air. Her followers seemed to enjoy getting to see what a hike looks like for the model. More than 54,000 of them have liked her post, while over 600 have expressed their thoughts in the comments section.

"Gorgeous, in fab form," read a message that included a string of heart emoji.

"You need to teach me your glow secrets," wrote another fan.

"I guess now I am a fan of stripes," added a third admirer.

Hannah seems to like mixing things up by modeling a wide variety looks for her Instagram shares. In one recent post, she stunned by rocking a flirty pink outfit that included a pleated miniskirt.