Iulia Valentina Showcases Hourglass Figure In A Skintight Mini Dress

Iulia Valentina took to her Instagram page on Friday, January 29, to share a smoking-hot update with her 1.5 million followers. In her latest post, the Romanian model rocked a tight-fitting mini dress that showcased her incredible figure.

In the first snapshot, Iulia was captured indoors in her sexy attire. She stood in front of a white wall, popping her hip to the side and crossing her right thigh over the other. Her hands cupped the base of her voluptuous breasts as she looked to the side with a serious expression.

The second photo showed that the influencer changed her stance. She stood sideways with one knee bent. She touched the wall with her right hand, possibly to balance herself, while her other hand rested on her hip. The hottie gazed into the lens and offered a fierce look. The posture emphasized her perky booty.

For the last picture, she struck a pose similar to the one in the first snap. This time, however, she faced the photographer and stared straight into the lens. She raised both of her hands to her head, holding her hair.

Iulia rocked a dangerously short dress made from a metallic lurex fabric. It sparkled when hit by light. The garment had a one-shoulder strap that helped highlight her toned shoulder and arm. The piece also boasted a neckline that displayed a glimpse of her décolletage. The skintight fit emphasized her flat stomach and curvy hips. Its length was pretty short, with the hem hitting her upper thighs.

To not distract her fans from her sexy outfit, the babe ditched the accessories. She wore her hair in waves and tied its long strands into a high bun, keeping most of her locks away from her face and shoulders. For the occasion, she had her long nails painted with white polish.

Iulia revealed her dress came from the online retail giant Fashion Nova by tagging the brand in both the caption and the picture.

Since being published, the new share has been liked more than 55,500 times and has received over 530 comments. Iulia's legion of fans wrote various messages, with most of them telling her how beautiful and sexy she looked. Some admirers decided to leave a trail of emoji to express their feelings about the new addition to her feed instead.

"Looking gorgeous and super hot! I have missed your uploads. Imagine my excitement when I saw this," one follower wrote.

"That was made for you! I would show off my figure too if I had your body," added another fan.

"Wow, girl! I am in awe of your beauty," a third user gushed.