Angeline Varona Flaunts Cleavage & Fit Figure In Bikini Selfie On Instagram

Angeline Varona wowed her fans on Friday, January 29, with a sexy new Instagram update. The American influencer rocked a skimpy neon orange bikini that showcased her killer curves and assets as she posed outdoors for a selfie.

In the update, the brunette bombshell was seen wearing a scanty bikini set. The top featured triangle-style cups that were cut so small that they barely contained her perky chest. As a result, a hint of her sideboob was on display. The plunging neckline allowed her to expose much of her décolletage. The thin straps went over her neck for support, with another pair of strings tied around her back.

She wore a matching pair of thong bottoms featuring a tiny piece of fabric that only covered what was necessary. The waistband sat low enough for her to reveal plenty of skin around her groin area. Its high leg cuts helped highlight her slender hips, as well as her lean thighs. Viewers also couldn't help but notice her flat tummy, expressing their thoughts in the comments.

Angeline was photographed enjoying the sunny weather at the beautiful Cala de Mar Resort & Spa in Ixtapa, Mexico. She kneeled on the sunbed with her thighs parted as she popped her hip to the side. The babe used her phone's front camera, holding the mobile device with her left hand and over her head to get the best angle possible. She tilted her head as she gazed at the screen, smiling.

A swipe to the right showed the influencer posing with her thighs closed. From what was visible, she appeared to be sitting in between her boyfriend's legs. She was holding her drink with one hand as she angled her head sideways. She smiled with her eyes closed.

The glow of the sun highlighted her bodacious curves. Notably, some parts of her skin were red from tanning. The swimming pool and the vast ocean mostly made up the background.

Angeline left her long hair untied. In the first pic, her tresses were wet from swimming. She wore two necklaces and stud earrings, and for the occasion, she also had her nails painted with a dark polish.

In the caption, Angeline expressed how she felt about the place. She mentioned that the Pacific Coast beach resort is one of her favorite locations.

The new social media share earned more than 156,000 likes and over 1,300 comments in just under a day. Some of her eager online supporters flocked to the comments section to leave compliments about her latest jaw-dropping display, while countless others were speechless and opted to use a trail of emoji.

"She is making history!" a follower commented.

"The most beautiful woman on all of Instagram," wrote another fan.