Brennah Black Slowly Caresses Her Body In Scintillating Video Share: 'Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps'

Brennah Black took to Instagram on Friday evening with a tantalizing video that raised the pulses of her 655,000 followers. The sultry blonde looked flawless in lacy lingerie and lots of extravagant jewelry as she tempted the camera with her provocative posing. Nearly 1,500 fans double-tapped their screens in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Brennah wore a sheer black bra with adjustable straps and underwire demi-cups that barely contained her ample bust. The garment featured two distinct patterns of floral lace, one much more delicate than the other. Her lower body was visible only momentarily during the clip, revealing either a high-waisted black skirt or the upper band of a pair of tights.

She accessorized with a dazzling array of huge gold pearls and what appeared to be diamonds. A single-banded choker rested around her neck and was combined with an extremely long chain studded with pearls and sparkling Chanel logos formed with the translucent crystals, which was double-looped around her neck and draped across her midriff.

Matching stud earrings adorned her lobes, and a wide bracelet covered in pearls was linked around her right wrist.

Moody lighting played a huge part in creating Brennah's sizzling look. Warm pink and yellow tones poured over her incredible physique and against the plain backdrop behind her. Her bare shoulders and decolletage had been dusted with fine glitter, which further emphasized the glow of her golden skin as she slowly moved on the set.

The video comprised a series of short snippets that cut quickly from scene to scene, showing Brennah seductively caressing different areas of her body while sometimes closing her eyes passionately. In other portions, she gazed directly at the camera with her mouth parted and a smoldering look in her eyes.

She also stood directly in front of the camera while gently sliding a section of gold chain and a single pearl between her perfectly white teeth and plump lips.

Brennah credited a team of collaborators who assisted with the provocative update, including Houston, Texas-based stylists Charlinie Ragoonanan and Todd Terrell, as well as Dustin Estrada of DGE Films.

Brennah's Instagram followers were dazzled by the post and flooded the comments section with praise for the buxom Playboy model.

"Irresistibly Erotic Seductress!!!" one fan exclaimed, following the comment with a string of creative and complimentary emoji.

"The Most Gorgeous and Desirable Angel ever on this Gorgeous Reel," a second person gushed.

"Recipe for a serious hangover with all that sugar!" a third supporter teased, referring to her mouthwatering caption.