'WandaVision' Fan Theory Suggests One Of The Twins Will Break Down Wanda's Reality

A new installment of WandaVision hit Disney+ early Friday morning, and the episode broke the mold of the ones prior to it. This was the first glimpse into the world outside of Westview, where the F.B.I. and S.W.O.R.D. are working together to figure out what is going on in Wanda's bizarre reality.

Fan theories ran rampant online following the episode's release, and a new one on Reddit is gaining some steam. Redditor u/Animation_Bat proposed the new idea on January 29, which suggested that one of Wanda's twins will be the one to break down this alternate world she's created and tear down its walls. The Avenger gave birth to twin boys in "Now in Color," named Billy and Tommy. In the comics, they're better known as Wiccan and Speed. Both boys are equipped with their own set of superhuman abilities, and it's only a matter of time before they're revealed to the viewers.

The Reddit user based the theory on the premise that WandaVision is reminiscent of a famous Twilight Zone episode from the 1960s. In "It's a Good Life," a young boy has an entire town under his control as he has the ability to warp reality. According to the theorist, this boy created "horrors" and cast people away.

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen star in WandaVision

The proposal then recalled a later installment of the Twilight Zone that expanded on the original story. The boy had grown up and had a child of his own, which changed everything.

"His child was more powerful than him, and was able to undo her father's changes to reality," the theory continued.

"I think when the 'sitcom' gets to the 2000's, one of Wanda's children will be powerful enough to start tearing down the walls of the fallacy that she has constructed."
If this suggestion holds true, it will likely be Wiccan who helps to break down Wanda's construct as it's more in line with his abilities from the comics. Also known as Billy, Wiccan can alternate and manipulate realities just as his mother can. He can also destroy forcefields and is capable of mass teleportation. Both of these skills would come in handy in Westview, a town that is surrounded by a dangerous forcefield. The story behind its mysterious citizens is still unknown but will hopefully be addressed soon.

Fans of the series seemed to applaud the theory and expanded on it in the comments section. Many agreed that Billy would be the one to break down the walls, while some said it will be Vision who reverses Wanda's damage.