Kate Beckinsale Displays A Close-Up View Of Her Pert Derrière While Carrying A Cat In A Backpack

Shawna Cory

Kate Beckinsale delighted her 4.5 million Instagram followers with her most recent video update on Friday. She was dressed in a stylish black-and-white ensemble that showcased her incredible figure and added an unusual travel accessory that seemed to streamline her outdoor ventures.

It took only a day for the post to be viewed over 800,000 times and to garner nearly 2,000 comments.

Kate looked flawless, as usual. Her thick mane of chestnut hair was parted in the center and twisted up into a huge loose bun at the crown of her head. She wore a loose-fitting, hooded V-neck sweater with a thick textured knit and three-quarter sleeves. She added a tight black top beneath the sweater, several inches of which peeked out from below the garment's short hem, clinging tightly to her slender hips.

A pair of skintight black leggings hugged every curve of her fit physique and high-heeled, black platform boots emphasized the length of her legs.

Fot the first half of the clip, Kate stood indoors at one end of a long corridor facing the camera, which was held by the woman with whom she was holding a brief conversation. It sounded as if the two were discussing the time at which Kate was confirmed to return home.

Kate wore big cat-eye sunglasses. Adjustable straps with light pink padding ran over each shoulder as well. She stood casually in front of the camera with her hips cocked to one side, then upon agreement that she would be back at 7:00, she leaned down and adjusted the tops of her knee-high boots.

The background was sleek and modern, with high ceilings and a neutral color scheme. Lots of subtle lighting gave the room a bright, yet cozy feel. The floor was tiled with huge squares of shiny white marble.

Two painted canvases leaned against a pair of pale gray walls to her right. One of the pieces of artwork was almost life-sized and edged in tiny white twinkle lights. It featured a stunningly realistic rendition of Kate portraying a slightly scandalous version of The Wizard of Oz's sweet protagonist, Dorothy Gale. She had her ruby-red slippers propped up on a table next to a pack of cigarettes and was about to sip from an open beer.