Georgina Mazzeo Sizzles On The Beach In Skimpy, Leopard-Print Bikini

Venezuelan beauty Georgina Mazzeo has made a habit of flaunting her stunningly sculpted physique in a number of exotic locales on Instagram. The model and social media star continued the trend on Friday with a spicy new reel that documented her strutting her stuff in a scenic seaside setting while advertising a popular brand of energy drink.

In the uploaded clip, Mazzeo wore an incredibly skimpy two-piece swim ensemble that struggled to contain her prominent attributes. She also erred toward the animalistic with the stunning bikini set, as it was hewn from an alluring leopard-print fabric.

Mazzeo revealed she had summer on her mind in the caption, in addition to tagging accounts related to the aforementioned beverage.

Despite the commercial nature of the upload, the 29-year-old's adoring masses were clearly inspired by her bodacious display in the video. Less than 20 minutes after it went live, the reel had already racked up 15,000-plus views. The comments section was filled with words of affirmation and compliments.

"So much perfect!!" exclaimed one user, who also added a slew of emoji and the hashtag "goddess" to their words.

"You look so gorgeous," a second follower wrote.

"Wonderful, pretty doll," praised a third fan.

As the clip began, Mazzeo was shown in a full-on strut as she moved toward the camera in her leopard-print swim set. In the background, an impressive oceanic expanse filled the frame. After a beat, the footage slowed to a crawl as she played with a loose strand of her raven-hued hair. It was an effect that would be repeated multiple times throughout the share.

Next came a quick cut of her posing against a wooden railing with her arms held high, which managed to put the spotlight on her perky bustline as it protruded outward. Seconds later, Mazzeo was shown in a close-up shot with her lips pursed slightly and her eyes piercing the lens with a seductive smolder.

The footage then featured Mazzeo sampling the energy drink with her eyes closed and her full lips curling into an impish grin while palm fronds waved in the air. Following a close-up shot of the canned drink, she was then documented walking in the shallow water, the sandy shore behind her.

Following several more shots of Mazzeo moving through her scenic surroundings and striking sensuous poses, the video reached its loop point with a panning shot of the model holding up a can with a suggestive smile.

This is hardly the first time Mazzeo has flaunted her figure in a bikini. Just a few weeks earlier, she joined fellow Instagram siren Bru Luccas in another stunning bikini share.