NFL Rumors: Texans Could Trade Deshaun Watson To Jaguars For Top Pick And Take Trevor Lawrence, Reporter Poses

ESPN's Adam Schefter has an idea for the Houston Texans — sending Deshaun Watson to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for the No. 1 overall pick and the chance to snag signal caller Trevor Lawrence.

Schefter raised the hypothetical scenario on Twitter this week, imagining whether the Texans would be motivated to make a trade that could see them taking one of the most highly touted quarterback prospects since Andrew Luck. There have been plenty of rumors surrounding Watson since he reportedly asked the team for a trade, with a number of potential partners being connected and deals suggested.

Jacksonville was not seen among the top contenders for Watson, largely due to their top overall pick and the chance to bring in Lawrence on a rookie contract, as well as the likelihood that the Texans would not want to move Watson within the division. Sports Illustrated's Jaguar Report broke down the potential for Jacksonville to make the deal and outlined the reasons why the chances would be remote.

The report also pointed out that the Jaguars may not want to step in and help their divisional rivals out of a disastrous situation.

"Houston is in the middle of a logistical and dysfunctional nightmare," the outlet noted.

"There is no positive scenario in which this ends for them considering even getting a haul of picks for Watson means that they just had to trade away a 25-year-old Pro Bowl passer who hasn't even hit his peak. So, why would the Jaguars bail the Texans out?"

Trevor Lawrence plays in a college football game.
Getty Images | Chris Graythen

Other franchises have been pegged as more likely partners, including the New York Jets, a team that possesses the No. 2 overall pick after a late-season winning streak caused them to lose the top selection and the chance to take Lawrence. The New York Post speculated that the club could sell Watson on their bright future and an ability to use cap space to surround him with weapons, while also putting together a package of draft picks that no other potential partner would be able to match.

It's not clear yet just what the Texans would be asking in return for the Pro Bowl quarterback, or whether they are ready to part ways with him. Some NFL insiders suggested that the franchise may try to convince him to stay, noting that the team could use some financial incentives including fines if he doesn't report to training camp later in the year.