Laura Amy Puts On A Busty Display In Tiny Bikini Top While Photobombed By A Black Cat

Model Laura Amy took to Instagram on Friday with a gorgeous selfie that enthralled her 884,000 followers. The Australian hottie sprawled out on the floor while wearing a skimpy bathing suit and a pair of clingy of velour pants. She displayed a lithe, graceful appearance as she teased viewers with her ample assets.

Laura posed languidly on the wooden floor of a compact living room, surrounded on three sides by a white sectional couch. She balanced with the side of her right hip in the center of the space and leaned sideways, resting her upper arm on the cushion next to her with her elbow bent and palm against her head. Her legs were stacked against one another and folded in front of her body, with one bare foot concealing the other.

She held her phone up into the air with her right hand to capture her reflection in what must have been an enormous mirror. She didn't only get herself in the photo, however. She also caught the unmistakable silhouette of pretty black feline perched on one corner of the couch, facing away from the camera. Laura's incredible bust was still the star of the snap, but the subtle photobombing also provoked a reaction from fans.

Laura chose to wear earth tones to complement her deeply tanned complexion. Her bandeau-style swimsuit top was a deep, chocolate brown and featured trendy sideways cups which were connected to one another by two thin strings that stretched tautly across her impressive cleavage. An additional string looped around the upper piece and tied behind her neck.

Her pants were made from soft, chestnut-colored material and had a wide waistband that encircled the slimmest part of her waist, level with her navel. They fit tightly around her curvaceous booty and thighs, and then flared into bell-bottoms past her knees.

Laura accessorized with a pale pink printed scarf, which featured what appeared to be the Yves St. Laurent logo, that covered a portion of her incredibly long dark hair. Her trademark tresses were styled straight and spilled down her back, the ends grazing the floor behind her.

She also wore huge hoop earrings and a gold-colored watch.

Laura's followers loved the post and flooded the comments section with compliments and affectionate emoji.

"It's the blk cat in statue mode for me," one fan declared, emphasizing their statement with laughing-crying emoji and a row of heart-eyes faces.

"MEWOWW," a second person exclaimed.