Olivia Munn Looks Polished In A White Crop Top While Filming A Hilarious Video With Her Rescue Dog

Olivia Munn showed off the chic way she rocked a plain white crop top in a video co-starring her cute canine companion. The actress didn’t get the performance she was expecting from the pint-sized pooch.

Olivia, 40, took to Instagram on Thursday to share some footage of herself and her rescue pup, Frankie, participating in a social media challenge. The craze has become all the rage with internet-savvy dog owners, and it’s a pretty easy trend to try. It involves sitting close to a pet pooch and calling their name repeatedly to see how they react. As reported by The Inquisitr, Charmed actress Alyssa Milano tried the trick with her dog Star, and the animal adorably attempted to get her attention after initially looking absolutely befuddled by her owner’s behavior. Frankie’s reaction was much different.

For her reel, Olivia rocked a cropped T-shirt with a pair of olive green trousers. Her top hit at the same place on her midsection as her high-waisted pants, which highlighted her hourglass shape. Her long, brunette hair was styled in flowing waves with a deep side part, adding a touch of glamour to her casual look.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star got down on her knees on a shaggy area rug in her living room. Save for its black diamond grid pattern, the rug’s appearance was similar to her canine costar’s white fur. The terrier mix sat a short distance away from Olivia.

She sat back on her heels and began calling her pet’s name repeatedly. The disinterested dog glanced in her direction, then directed his gaze toward the couch in the background. Olivia patted the sides of her thighs and even added a chirpy “Come here!” to her calls, but the most enthusiastic response she got was a few ear twitches and blinks. However, when she turned around and looked at her unmoved mutt, she was rewarded with a friendly tail wag.


Olivia’s fans seemed to find her furball’s lack of a reaction pretty funny, and they couldn’t resist cracking jokes about it in the comments section.

“That look on his face says ‘this is that tick tock bollock ain’t it,'” read one response to her video.

“Frankie: ‘What’s up with this blind B? Can’t she smell I’m just here?'” another commenter quipped.

“You would think he’d have the decency to tell you he is right next to you,” wrote a third fan.

A few of Olivia’s followers didn’t initially see the terrier because he was so well camouflaged.

“Not me not noticing him at all and waiting for him to appear,” commented one viewer.