3 family members killed in IL home invasion

A man, his wife and adult son were killed in what appears to have been a targeted home invasion.

Jeffrey Kramer, 50 owned a towing and auto repair shop in Cicero, Illinois. Also killed in the incident at his home in Darien were his wife Lori Kramer, 48 and son Michael Kramer, 20. At least three other people were in the house and survived the deadly break-in, including a daughter of the Kramers who phoned police from an upstairs closet around 3 a.m. reporting gunshots fired in the house.

Police have not found the weapon used in the three murders, nor have suspects or a motive emerged in the crime:

“We are trying to figure out who we are looking for,’’ Deputy Police Chief John Cooper said. “It wasn’t a random thing. It was a targeted thing.”

The surviving Kramer son is said to have escaped out of a basement window and a female friend also managed to avoid detection by perpetrators. Police have not indicated reasons they believe one or more of the Kramer family was targeted in the home invasion, and initial reports do not indicate what, if anything, was taken from the home.

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