January 28, 2021
Kindly Myers Pulls Down Her Panties, Tugs On Her Bra In Racy Lingerie Video

A Thursday morning Instagram post by Kindly Myers immediately caused a stir with her social media fans. The Playboy hottie was filmed while wearing a titillating set of red lingerie and gave her 2.3 million followers plenty to admire.

Kindly posed in a sunny bedroom for the sultry share. She stood by the bed with her back to the wall, serving up a sexy show of her insane figure as she alternatively put one leg in front of the other. As she did so, she rocked her hips and parted her thighs a few times, pulling her blond locks up with both hands or doing a seductive hair flip. A nearby window flooded the room with plenty of natural light, emphasizing her bronzed tan, which the crimson lingerie flattered.

The bombshell's legs were exposed by a minuscule bottom boasting double side straps that stretched above her hips. Its tiny lacy front dipped dangerously below her navel, showing off her chiseled tummy and revealing her bikini line tattoo. Likewise, followers could admire the elaborate ink on her flank, as well as the small tat on her wrist. Matching garters wrapped around her thighs, further highlighting her voluptuous curves.

Meanwhile, her buxom chest was accentuated by a racy cage-style bralette, which featured barely there cups made out of see-through lace. The gauzy number flaunted Kindly's ample cleavage and flashed serious sideboob. A dainty fringed trim drew even more attention to her busty assets, which were further emphasized by a pair of straps that extended from the middle and formed a saucy cut-out pattern.

The self-proclaimed "professional smokeshow" put on a tantalizing display as she pulled her panties down her hips. She also teased fans by tugging on her bra, all the while shooting provocative stares at a camera that was set to the side. The video appeared to be a behind-the-scenes peek at one of Kindly's photoshoots and was aptly scored to Yung Baby Tate and Flo Milli's "I Am." In her caption, the model enticed followers to head over to her website, suggesting the full clip could be viewed there.

The steamy upload proved very effective at arousing fans' interest, garnering more than 14,100 likes in the first three hours. Plenty of Kindly's admirers also took to the comments section to wax lyrical about her body and beauty.

"Your pic is in the dictionary right next to the word 'perfection,'" said one person.

"You are an incredible sight to behold! Your beauty is intoxicating!" read another message, trailed by a variety of loving emoji.

"Gorgeous as always!!! You're awesome," chimed in another smitten fan.

"You're so hot it's hard to believe you're real!" gushed a fourth user.

The upload came just five hours after Kindly showed off her hourglass figure and perky booty in cheeky black underwear. That post has racked up over 19,700 likes since it was shared.