January 27, 2021
Demi Rose Wears Pink Micro Bikini Bottoms & Bares Underboob For 'Mean Girls'-Themed IG Share

Demi Rose rocked a provocative pink outfit to pay tribute to the movie Mean Girls.

The model's latest Instagram share included a quote from the beloved 2004 comedy starring Lindsay Lohan as a teen girl trying to fit in with The Plastics, the most popular clique in her new school. Demi's caption referenced a line delivered by Amanda Seyfried's character Karen, who was explaining that the group always wears Barbie's favorite color on Wednesdays.

Demi took part in the tradition by going scantily-clad in a candy-colored ensemble that included a tie-die crop top crafted out of gauzy mesh fabric. The piece had long sleeves and a high boat neck, but a huge cutout on the front left little of her copious cleavage to the imagination. The opening had unfinished edges and a V-shaped dip that displayed her porcelain décolletage. Long ties on the front held the gossamer garment in place. It appeared to be a bit too small for the model, as it was riding up to expose a considerable amount of underboob.

Demi coupled the top with bubblegum-hued micro bikini bottoms that provided a minimal amount of coverage. The tiny scrap of fabric that formed the front of the garment was slung down low. It featured a scrunched, sliding design with long string ties that were stretched all the way up to her wasp waist, highlighting her hourglass shape. In her caption, she revealed that her ensemble was from Pretty Little Thing.

She accessorized with a pair of hot pink Dior sunglasses with squared, orange lenses. The only jewelry she wore was a single ring with a huge gemstone. Her glossy black tresses were pulled up in a sleek ponytail with a length of hair twined around the base. She tagged hairstylist Faye Browne to give her credit for the look. Demi's photographer captured her as she was saucily tossing her ponytail back.

Demi pressed her thick thighs together while fixing the camera with a sultry stare. She posed beside a tiny stream surrounded by large boulders. The setting included tall decorative grass, a few towering palm trees, and the side of a small wooded hill. Her geotag identified her photo's location as Ibiza Magic Island.

Over the course of the first hour it was live on her account, her post racked up over 157,000 likes from her appreciative followers.

"Your body is insane Demi," wrote one admirer in the comments section.

"The most beautiful, best, most attractive and lovable girl in the world," another message read.

"Pretty in pink," a third fan chimed in.

Demi proved that she can also look beautiful in blue in another recent post that showed her doing yoga in a bodysuit.