January 28, 2021
Patriot Party Would Move 'Beyond' Donald Trump & Become 'Blatantly Racist' Party, Author Says

Although Donald Trump has allegedly given up on creating a Patriot Party that would challenge the GOP from the right, author Tomi T. Ahonen expressed hope in a Wednesday Twitter thread that such a group would still be created.

According to the author, this party would split the current GOP into two factions -- one with a focus on "mostly white men & their grievances," and the other a more centrist, conservative group. Eventually, he argued, it would move past the former president.

"Over time, the Patriot Party would move beyond Trump, and become a blatantly racist white man's grievance party: cling to guns & god, believe the answer to any problem is a wall, attend international conferences among fellow right-wing racist, facist [sic] & Nazi groups."
Ahonen also argued that the second conservative party would shift the landscape for both Republicans and Democrats.

"Over time the Rump-Republicans (likely rebranded) would occupy the center, small government, SCIENCE, sanity, right to choose," he wrote. "And DEMs with at least a decade of power, would evolve FAR towards their left, near [Bernie Sanders'] positions, similar to European socialist-liberal parties."

U.S. President Donald Trump listens while meeting with women small business owners in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on March 27, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
Getty Images | Andrew Harrer

Trump allegedly wanted to start the Patriot Party to pressure Senate Republicans to acquit him in the forthcoming impeachment trial. But he has allegedly realized that GOP lawmakers won't likely acquit him regardless — a belief that appears to be supported by recent Republican opposition to convicting the former president, per The New York Times.

As reported by The Guardian, Trump's team distanced itself from the possible new coalition. The former U.S. leader's campaign committee, Donald J Trump for President (DJTFP), on Monday pushed back on claims made by the Patriot Party political action committee that the two groups were working together. According to Trump's group, they have not authorized the activities of the Patriot Party.

Speaking to Axios, Trump spokesperson Jason Miller said that the Trump campaign is "not supportive" of the new coalition's effort and has "nothing to do with it."

Others have taken more kindly to the new coalition, Forbes reported. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk said that the movement would lead to a "viable third party." Elsewhere, far-right social media personality, QAnon supporter, and lawyer Lin Wood circulated logos for the new alliance in late November. According to Forbes, an increasing number of Trump supporters warmed to the idea after the Republican Party blamed the former U.S. leader for the riots at the Capitol earlier this month.