January 27, 2021
Shocking 'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers For Thursday: Zoe Returns To Her Old Tricks

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 28, reveal that Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) will give in to her desires. The model is on a mission, and she wants to seduce Zende Forrester Dominguez (Delon de Metz). Will she succeed in getting him to bed?

Zende will be surprised by Zoe's visit, per TV Guide. After all, she is engaged to Forrester Creations' COO, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Although he previously admitted that he did have feelings for her, it doesn't mean that he will act on them now. Or will he betray Carter by sleeping with his fiancée?

Zoe Returns To Her Old Tricks

Those who follow the soap opera know that Zoe can have a one-track mind. A couple of years ago, she followed Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) from London to Los Angeles after breaking up with her. The fact that he and Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) were together didn't bother her, and she stripped down in a ploy to seduce him. They slept together in a private cabana at the Bikini Bar.

Now, the model's returning to her old tricks. She wants Zende and will do anything to be with him. She plans to seduce him with her feminine wiles. Zoe knows that they have hot chemistry and wants to exploit the connection between them.

It seems as if Zoe has not given Carter much thought. She's only thinking of her lustful urges as she makes the moves on the designer.

Zende Gives In To His Needs

The Bold and the Beautiful daily spoilers tease that while Zende may initially resist Zoe's charms, he will soon fall prey to her powers of persuasion. The designer has resisted her for so long that he will be tempted when she arrives. When she offers herself on a platter, he won't be able to resist.

Zoe and Zende will give in to their feelings as they embrace each other. Their passion consumes them as they make out. Neither of them will even consider Carter as they lock tongues.

But it seems as if their lust will be short-lived. As seen above, Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) recently confronted her sister about her suspicions. But Zoe told her not to judge her. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) also sensed a vibe between the model and the designer.

The dressmaker will barge in on them and all hell will break loose. Ridge will give them a tongue-lashing for betraying Carter. The attorney and his fiancée are on the brink of getting married, and his nephew should know better.

How will Carter react when he learns that his fiancée betrayed him? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Zoe may soon receive the boot from Forrester Creations.