Kara Del Toro Flaunts Her Shapely Rear In Skintight Pink Bicycle Shorts

Maxim bombshell Kara Del Toro stunned her 1.6 million Instagram followers with her latest share, a trio of snaps taken outdoors. The photos were captured at a time when the sun appeared to be setting, casting a gorgeous glow over the entire landscape as well as over Kara's toned physique.

She rocked an ensemble from the brand Alo Yoga, and made sure to tag the company's own Instagram page in the caption of the post as well as in the first image.

For the first shot, she stood on a paved trail bordered by dry grass, with several rolling hills dotted with greenery visible in the background. The sky was a stunning shade of pale blue, and she added a burst of color to the scene with her choice of outfit, a pink set.

She showcased her sculpted lower body in a pair of skintight bicycle shorts that had a wide waistband which settled just below her belly button. The fabric stretched over her hips and toned thighs, ending about halfway down her thighs. She paired the shorts with a cropped half-zip sweatshirt that left plenty of her flat stomach on display. The garment had a loose fit, with an elastic cuff at the wrists as well as along the hem.

Her long locks tumbled down her chest in tousled curls, and she reached both arms above her head, stretching as she gazed off into the distance.

For the second image, she removed the sweatshirt and showcased a simple white sports bra that she wore underneath. The garment had a low-cut neckline that revealed a tantalizing amount of cleavage, and Kara placed the sweatshirt over her shoulders, tugging gently at the sleeves as she gazed seductively at the camera.

For the third and final share, she spun to showcase her pert posterior. A radiant smile crossed her face as she swung her hair out and raised her arms, enjoying the moment of beauty in nature.

Her followers absolutely loved the update, and the post received over 22,500 likes as well as 161 comments within 14 hours of going live.

"So beautiful," one fan wrote simply, followed by a heart eyes emoji.

"Golden hour," another added, loving the lighting.

"You always brighten my day every time I see you," a third fan remarked.

"Wow so stunning," yet another follower chimed in, including two flame emoji in the compliment.

A few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Kara thrilled her audience with a spot in which she rocked a sexy, figure-hugging sleeveless dress that was almost entirely backless. The garment showcased plenty of her flawless skin, and from one of the angles, also put a hint of sideboob on display, to the delight of her followers.