Justin Bieber Impresses After Stopping Turkey Concert Twice For Muslim Prayers

Justin Bieber’s brownie point count just headed way north. The 19-year-old reportedly stopped his concert in Istanbul, Turkey last night so that Muslim fans in the audience could observe prayers.

According to E! Online, the Canadian paused the show twice so the Azan — a call to prayer that traditionally happens five times a day — could be heard.

Over 50,000 people attended Istanbul’s ITU stadium to watch the teen singer punch out hits like “Baby,” One Time,” and “Somebody To Love.” Of these, not all would have been Muslim, but enough would have appreciated the observation.

Many fans and some commentators have since commended Bieber’s decision on Twitter and other social media sites, with some calling him “respectful” and even a “great man.”

One fan wrote: “I just gain a lot of respect for justin bieber after hearing that he stopped his concert twice to honor muslim prayer.”

Mohammed Ansar, a British-Muslim legal and civil rights advocate and political commentator tweeted the pop superstar, writing:

After a reportedly blistering hour-long set in the Turkish capital, Bieber later tweeted his own verdict on the show on the social networking site.

“Turkey was right,” he wrote. “4 more shows to go. Dubai is next. #believetour”

In fact, the Believe world tour is already in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) city.

Bieber is set to perform at The Sevens Stadium on May 4 and 5, and reportedly left Istanbul for Dubai at around 2 am on Friday, May 3.

The young star and his best friend, rapper Lil Twist, were spotted taking in the views from the beach and it’s possible the pair will check out a golf course during their stay.

The singer’s visit is very big news in Dubai. National media reports have been trumpeting the arrival of the biggest act to hit the UAE for days, and the Gulf is “bracing” for a weekend of Bieber fever with 40 per cent of the crowd expected to have flown in from abroad.

Done Events, the promoters behind the dual stadium concerts, have even sent out ‘Tip Sheets’ to concert ticket holders with guidelines and advice for coping.

One of the tips read: “Be respectful to your fellow fans. Everyone will be excited but aggressive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.”

Justin Bieber, Dubai is ready for its close-up.