January 27, 2021
'DWTS' Judge Derek Hough Shares Underwater Adventure, But Fans Are More Impressed By His Ability To Do This

Dancing with the Stars judge and six-time mirrorball-winning performer Derek Hough posted an exciting underwater clip where he noted he flew in the sea, to the delight of his 2.8 million Instagram followers. However, his fans appeared to be more impressed by his ability to hold his breath for a long time rather than his actual daredevil stunt.

"Wonderful! How long can you hold your breath for?" asked one follower.

"Amazing...wish I could hold my breath longer than 5 seconds to do that," remarked a second fan.

"Did you feel like a merman? You are always living the dream," wrote a third Instagram user of the video.

"You are a perfect example of living life to the fullest. You are just a good spirit, a kind and genuine human grateful for the Life God gave you!" penned a fourth person.

Derek posted what he noted was a throwback clip of a journey under the sea where he was seen skimming the sandy ocean floor while holding on to a red, moving submersible which propelled him underneath the surface of the blue ocean water.

Derek did not elaborate on the experience nor did he answer the queries of fans who asked where the video was taken.

Derek appeared to have goggles on his face and no breathing apparatus to assist him with supplemental oxygen. He was seen descending from the top of the water to the ocean floor as he clung to the moving machine, while wearing yellow swim trunks.

Derek almost touched the sandy floor and rose nearly to the surface before descending once again and making a quick loop upward. The clip ended at that moment.

The serene underwater movie allowed followers who might not be as daring as Derek to have a similar experience without getting wet.

In response, many of his fans, who watched the short film over 102,000 times thus far, found the underwater scene to be both "serene" and "calming." They hit the like button over 17,000 times.

Derek keeps in constant contact with his fan base via Instagram, posting videos almost every day. In the past week alone, he has shared several wonderful clips including a dancing video -- seen here -- where he appeared to merge into a still image of himself as he grooved in his backyard.

The dance professional also snapped a shot of him and his girlfriend Hayley Erbert outdoors, in the yoga position Downward Dog, along with their own pup Luna. You can view that IG update here. That was followed by a still image of Derek's interview with the late Larry King, whom he called a legend in the caption of an Instagram post seen here.