Morgan Ketzner Posts A Rare Photo Of Her Petite Buns While Rocking A Thong Bikini

Morgan Ketzner took to Instagram on Tuesday evening with a breathtaking update which delighted her 705,000 followers. Although the lithe beauty regularly flaunts her physique in barely there bathing suits, it is unusual not to see her posing front-and-center for the camera.

This particular snap captured Morgan's impressive backside, and it took only a single afternoon for almost 20,000 fans to express their gratitude by double-tapping their screens.

Morgan perched on the edge of a boat in the close-up image, with her knees spread and her legs dangling off the side. She wore a cheeky black bikini which showcased lots of bare, tanned skin. The bottom of the suit left most of her tantalizing derriere on full display, and it was positioned so that the alluring shadows of her dimples of Venus were visible just above the low waistband.

The matching top appeared to feature only slightly more coverage than a standard string bikini. It fit similar to a sports bra, with wide-set straps over both shoulders and connected to the panel encircling her ribcage. They transitioned into a set of short, double straps that looped into an off-center bow in the middle of her back.

Morgan also wore a snorkel/goggles combination around her head and was seemingly ready to slide into the brilliantly clear, shimmering, turquoise water that made up most of the background.

She reached up with her left hand to adjust one side of the translucent strap and appeared to be stabilizing the mouthpiece of the bright orange breathing apparatus with her right. Her short, manicured fingernails were painted red.

Her long hair was in sexy, messy waves and reached nearly to her waist. The platinum ends looked to be blowing in a gentle sea breeze.

A slender red-and-white buoy floated in the water many yards ahead, which several sea-faring birds were using as a resting spot.

Morgan remarked in the caption that she had located a Utopian environment, and added a snorkel and a tropical fish emoji afterward to further illustrate her activity in the post. According to her geotag, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was enjoying some time in Cancun, Mexico.

Morgan's Instagram followers loved the post and couldn't get enough of her gorgeous appearance. They flocked to the comments section with compliments and affectionate emoji.

"You are the paradise," one fan declared, in reference to her caption.

"Morgan you are so hot and gorgeous," a second person remarked, adding a pair of red hearts for emphasis.

"Beauty all around," a third admirer observed.