January 26, 2021
Demi Rose Slays In A Blue Bodysuit As She Does Titillating Yoga Stretches

Demi Rose Mawby took to Instagram on Tuesday to tease her 15.7 million followers with a couple of titillating snapshots. The buxom brunette performed some stretches outdoors and her fans immediately went wild over the alluring shots.

The geotag for Demi's new post indicated that these pictures were taken in Ibiza. She posed on a tile patio with palm trees and a pool just beyond her. The cloudy blue sky and hazy landscape in the distance provided the perfect backdrop for some sultry stretches.

In the first photo, Demi placed most of her weight on her shoulders and pointed toes in what appeared to be a modified bridge pose. She lifted her torso and curvy backside up off of the tile and stretched her arms out over her head as it laid on the ground, tilted to the side.

The bodysuit that Demi chose for these pictures was from the popular online retailer Pretty Little Thing. It appeared that this was made in their dusty blue hue and the garment had long sleeves and a plunging V neckline.

Demi's back was arched slightly as she stretched and showed off her muscular calves. Her round booty was highlighted nicely in this particular pose and she looked serious as she held this position.

The second snapshot gave everybody a tantalizing view to appreciate. Demi positioned herself in essentially a pigeon yoga pose and looked fabulous while doing it.

The British bombshell was photographed from the side as she sat with one leg bent under her. The other leg was stretched out behind her and the thong-style cut of the bodysuit meant that plenty of Demi's booty was visible.

She rested her hands in front of her and arched her back as she looked over a shoulder and beyond the photographer. In this shot, her dark tresses were swept over to one side and the long locks cascaded over one shoulder.

The plunging neckline of the garment hinted at Demi's plentiful, deep cleavage. The angles in these particular shots prevented too much skin from showing on that front. Luckily, it was seemingly just enough exposure to get pulses racing.

"The Queen strikes again," one fan declared.

"The most beautiful, best, most attractive and lovable girl in the world," another raved.

"This is so amazing," a third user determined.

"Beautiful stretching fantastic body and ur lovely," someone else noted.

In less than an hour, Demi's tantalizing poses had drawn in nearly 160,000 likes and 1,400 comments.

The day prior to this sexy set of yoga poses, Demi shared a short stunning bikini video. In just one day, it had already been liked more than 420,000 times and received about 4,100 comments.