Swedish Model Anna Nystrom Shows Off Her Booty In A Thong While Staggering Her Feet & Enjoying A Camping Trip

Anna Nystrom treated her audience to a glimpse into her camping trip in her latest Instagram share. The multi-photo update was featured on her page on January 26, and it quickly captured the attention of her 8.4 million fans.

Anna shared 10 images that were filtered in black and white. The upload featured a few photos of Anna, one of her man, and a few snaps of the beautiful setting. The fitness model's first photo captured her posing in the middle of a field with tall grass. It included a few trees in the far distance and a tent directly in front of her. Anna had her backside turned toward the camera while she looked over her shoulder with an alluring gaze.

She wore a tight outfit that covered a good portion of her figure. It included a black top with long sleeves and a collared neck. Her bottoms were a pair of snug yoga pants that clung tightly to her sculpted thighs. Equal parts of her blond mane spilled over her shoulders and back.

The middle of the update consisted of picturesque campsite photos while the last one treated fans to a look at Anna's bikini body. The location of her shoot was a lake surrounded by tall trees. The social media influencer opted to go in the shallow water. The weather appeared to be nice and sunlight fell over the glistening water.

The Swedish-born beauty's look included a strapless bikini. Its ruffled back hit a few inches below her shoulder blades while her sculpted arms were on display. Her bottoms had a ruffled waistband that highlighted her trim midsection. It featured thin sides. The back had only a small piece of fabric that was tucked into her pert derriere and she also flaunted her muscular thighs. Her hair was straight and waved in the air with the motion of her body.

In her caption, Anna mentioned that she was enjoying the great outdoors on a camping trip. She also revealed that she took a "roadtrip" to get to the final destination.

The model's post attracted more than 62,000 likes in a short time, and over 400 social media users flocked to the comments section to shower Anna with love. Several followers used the word "queen" to describe her.

"You look very cute. Where were these taken," one fan questioned.

"Way to go beautiful Princess. Hugs and kisses," a second follower added alongside a few red hearts.

"You guys look like you're having to much fun. I'm jealous. 3 of my favorite things, camping, hunting, and fishing," a third wrote.

"These are hot," one more remarked.