January 26, 2021
Spoilers For Tuesday's 'General Hospital': Carly Lashes Out At Jax & Bobbie Warns Ava

Spoilers suggest that Tuesday's episode of General Hospital will contain some intense moments at Wyndemere. Carly came up with a plan to swap out the half-heart necklace that Avery had, but this didn't go as smoothly as she hoped. The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals a couple of intriguing snippets regarding what's next.

Bobbie joined Carly at Wyndereme under the guise of trying to come up with a visitation agreement regarding Avery. Bobbie excused herself with the mission to find the necklace and exchange it for a fake. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to find it.

Carly then found a way to head to Avery's bedroom herself and found what she needed. Before she could complete her plan, she realized that somebody was coming.

The General Hospital preview reveals that Carly will have a dramatic conversation with Jax. Was he the one approaching Avery's room? That doesn't necessarily seem quite right, but it does look as if he'll catch up to her at some point during all of this.

Whatever happens at the beginning of this conversation, Carly will feel that they've now run into one complication too many.

While Carly is desperately scrambling, SheKnows Soaps details that Bobbie will try to keep Ava occupied. General Hospital spoilers share that she will warn Ava not to go after her daughter.

Will Ava take Bobbie seriously here? It seems rather unlikely. In fact, this threat may even pique Ava's curiosity regarding Bobbie being involved in this at all.

Even if Carly's quest with the jewelry is ultimately successful, General Hospital teasers signal that it may not help much. As the week progresses, most of the relevant players in this mess will end up at the Metro Court together. Eventually, Jax will blurt out that he can't lie to Nina any longer.

Will Jax really tell Nina the truth about all of this? General Hospital teasers appear to suggest that he won't, and viewers will be curious to see how much, if anything, he does reveal.

Tuesday's episode will also feature Finn asking a tough question and Anna seeking someone's wisdom. Willow will tell Michael that it might be time for her to work toward moving out, and Chase will have second thoughts about having Jackie do a piece on Sasha.

Curtis will lean on Portia for support when the two spend time together, and General Hospital spoilers note that she'll express frustrations of her own as well. Tensions will be running high all around and viewers won't want to miss what's next.