January 26, 2021
Sofia Bevarly Is All Smiles While Clad In A Tiny Ribbed Top: 'Just Happy To Be Alive And Feelin Good'

Sofia Bevarly had a grin on her face while showing off her bombshell body in her most recent Instagram update. She shared the image to her feed on January 26, and fans have been noticing it for several different reasons.

Sofia turned her body at a slight angle and had her chest facing the camera. She bent both elbows and messily ran her hair through her caramel-dyed tresses. She turned her head to the side while she closed her eyes and smiled. One leg was tucked behind her and she bent her opposite in front of her. The backdrop included a patch of green grass and a few sparse trees on the horizon. The gray skies indicated what might have been an overcast day.

Sofia sported a ribbed crop top that was tight on her figure. It boasted a dark green fabric that popped against her deep tan. The design had a crew neckline that showed a tease of her bronze collar. It featured wide armholes that exposed Sofia's skin and muscular biceps. The garment was tight on her ribs and it cut off to reveal a tease of her abs.

Her jeans were constructed of light-colored denim that complemented her top. The fabric clung tightly to her thighs, and a hole near one of her knees exposed a peek of her bronzed skin. The waistband was pulled high on her hips, covering her navel. Its snug fit helped to highlight her slender silhouette. A silver button kept the pants together, and the bottoms also had a bronze zipper in the middle. She finished the impressive look with a pair of black leather booties.

Sofia styled her hair with a side part and loose waves that tumbled over her shoulders and back.

In her caption, she noted that she was glad to be alive. She also asked her fans how they were doing, following with a camera icon and tagging her photographer.

The upload accrued more than 600 likes and a handful of comments within minutes of going live. Most Instagram users replied to the caption while a few more took time to compliment her figure.

"Gorgeous smile and pic," one social media user commented.

"Have a Tremendous Tuesday Stunning Beauty," a second fan wrote alongside a single red heart.

"Happiness is a very like story," a third follower chimed in.

"Looking amazing and love that smile," a fourth noted, with the addition of a few flames.