Julianne Kissinger Flaunts Perky Cleavage & Underboob In Sparkly Cutout Bra While Tugging Tiny Thong

Instagram model Julianne Kissinger tantalized her fans with a busty presentation on her feed. The buxom brunette updated her social media account with a jaw-dropping photo where she paraded her flawless figure in some sexy lingerie. Shortly after she shared her offering, her 6.2 million fan base responded by engaging with her on the platform.

Julianne seduced with her come-hither expression. The model worked the camera by widening her eyes and pouting her full lips. She tilted her chin down, and her long bangs framed her stunning face.

The 27-year-old also showed off her incredible body. With one hand resting on the seat behind her, she thrust her chest forward, flaunting her massive cleavage and a sliver of underboob.

The influencer tugged at her minuscule thong as she sat with her thighs firmly closed. She drew attention to her flat midsection and trim waist while she clasped the strap between her thumb and index finger.

The brunette bombshell sat on a neutral-toned sofa. In the background, a floor-to-ceiling glass pane provided a view of the sunny outdoors. Outside, a pool sparkled invitingly.

Julianne rocked a sparkly black bra with plenty of bling, and the dark shade complemented her bronzed skin. The bra had two cutouts at the bottom of each cup that exposed some underboob. And thanks to the plunging neckline, she showcased her ample cleavage.

The social media star wore her hair in a dreamy style, parted off-center. She styled it in a volumized high half-ponytail and allowed her long, luscious locks to cascade down her frame.

Julianne completed the look with a few well-chosen accessories. She wore two rings, a bangle, and a pair of large hoop earrings.

The pic sparked a furious frenzy among those who follow her. Many showed their appreciation by hitting the "like" button while others waxed lyrical in the comments section. This specific image has already garnered more than 100,000 likes and over 2,000 comments since she updated her feed.

In her caption, Julianne asked what color underwear she should wear in her next offering. Many followers voiced their opinion. One admirer felt that the question was redundant.

"Any color on you would be just perfect," they raved before adding heart-eyed and a kissing face emoji.

Another expressed a similar sentiment.

"Happy Monday, beautiful. I think any color lingerie would look spectacular on you," they shared.

A third Instagrammer added another option to the mix.

"How about no lingerie?" they suggested before adding flame emoji.

Julianne recently spiced things up with a pretty pink underwear set.