February 1, 2021
Natalie Martinez Lifts Shirt & Shakes Her Booty In Video: 'I Had To Do It'

Natalie Martinez went from casual to glamorous in a recent "Buss It Challenge" video she shared to Instagram, and her followers were delighted by her sexy transformation.

The clip started with Natalie standing in a living room with furniture, pets, and large windows in the background. She wore a plain white T-shirt and large gray sweatpants, which hung down and revealed a hint of her underwear's waistband. She paired the casual outfit with an open yellow robe. The actress had her long brown hair pulled back into a messy bun with tendrils framing her face. As "Hot In Herre" by Nelly played, she lifted her top to show off her flat, toned tummy and slender waist. She then turned around and pulled the robe tight against her rounded backside. Then she raised her hand and dropped down.

The next frame showed Natalie in a different room wearing a halter-style, cream-colored dress that had slits on each side to the top of her thighs. She paired it with nude-colored high heels. She squatted and shook her booty, then undulated her body to the tune of "Buss It" by Erica Banks, showing off her sexy moves along with a hint of sideboob as well as her toned legs.

Natalie's brunette locks hung down her back and over her shoulder in soft waves from a side part. She accessorized with large gold hoop earrings and several bangles around her wrist, which moved as she danced.

Instagram users showed the post their appreciation, with more than 32,000 hitting the like button. At least 820 also took the time to leave a comment, with several choosing the flame emoji to express themselves.

"For some reason, I like the first part better, white shirt on and sweatpants, can't get any sexier than that!!" one fan praised, along with a yellow smiley.

"Oh yes, Natalie, drop it like it's hot! You are so perfect and sexy. I love this," a second follower declared, including a bomb and flame to complete the comment.

"Wow! I'm glad you did it. This is super hot. Both outfits are great in different ways," a third devotee wrote, including hearts, roses, and a crown.

"OMG! This lady is the most stunning chica around apart from you and mum hahaha," a fourth Instagram user teased, tagging a few other people.

Natalie recently delighted her followers with behind-the-scenes photos of herself on the CBS All Access show The Stand, The Inquisitr reported. In one of them, she showed off her sensual curves in a sheer cream-and-black bustier.