Curvy Ashley Resch Displays Phenomenal Physique In Flimsy Yellow Lingerie

Instagram model Ashley Resch took to her social media page on Monday afternoon with a glowing image that stunned her 961,000 followers. The voluptuous and prolifically tattooed beauty showcased her assets while wearing an extremely skimpy two-piece lingerie set that left fans wanting more.

Ashley wore a sheer, gauzy camisole set in a pale yellow shade that was complemented by the overall golden glow of the image. The top featured soft triangular cups, edged in a matching translucent ruffle, from which multiple layers of lightweight fabric were attached to create the whimsical garment. The two halves of the lingerie were fastened together with a pair of thin yellow ribbons between her bust, but they were tied loosely and left a generous amount of her bare breasts still exposed. A small gust of wind appeared to have caused one side to blow up slightly, revealing a massive amount of underboob.

Ashley tugged both sides of the panties high over her shapely hips, letting her fingertips graze the shimmering material that lined the outside edges and rested against her tanned skin. A tiny bow adorned the very center of the waistband, which dipped several inches below her navel.

She accessorized with a pair of wide rectangular sunglasses with no frames and pale amber lenses, and the glare of either sunshine -- or a professional lighting setup -- could be seen in the upper left corner. A few delicate chains and a single pendant dangled around her neck.

Ashley posed outdoors at the base of a very steep, narrow cement staircase lined on either side with a short, but sturdy rock wall. She leaned her tantalizing backside against the black iron railing that ran up the right side of the steps, tipped her chin into the air, and gazed off-camera with her lips parted seductively.

Ashley credited the South Carolina-based company In Vogue Photography for the incredible image and appears to have been working with them quite frequently as of late. Earlier this month, The Inquisitr covered a behind-the-scenes video clip from another tempting shoot in which Ashley struck a series of provocative poses while dressed in a skintight black thong leotard with a plunging neckline and French-cut legs.

She also wore a pair of opaque stockings and over-the-knee stiletto boots to complete the sultry ensemble.

To date, more than 20,000 supporters have double-tapped their screens, with dozens also leaving replies in the comments section to show their appreciation for the post.