Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn Has A Question For Jackie

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday tease that Finn will consider the idea that it might be better to finally know the truth about whether or not he is Chase's biological father. Fans have been anticipating this twist for months now, and it seems that everybody will learn the truth soon.

As General Hospital viewers recently learned, Finn and Jackie slept together the night before her wedding to Gregory. Months later, when Finn went to talk to her, she held baby Chase in her arms.

Jackie insisted that the timing didn't fit for Finn to be the father, and he chose never to push it beyond that. Now, however, General Hospital teasers suggest that he'll change his mind.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jackie will find herself in an unusual position during Tuesday's show. As an investigative reporter, she's used to digging around and asking questions. Now, however, she'll be on the receiving end.

Finn will put her in the hot seat as he tries to get answers. The General Hospital sneak peek for Tuesday teases that he will be asking someone whether or not they want to know for sure.

If it is Jackie on the other end of this conversation, that would seem to suggest an interesting development. Does she admit that she doesn't know for sure whether Finn or Gregory is Chase's biological father?

Michael Easton and Josh Swickard star on 'General Hospital' as Finn and Chase
ABC | Craig Sjodin

It sounds as if that might be the case, as Finn suggests that it's time to get a definitive answer. At this point, Chase has no idea this is a possibility, so this could turn his world upside down.

If the two do decide to pursue this, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it might be a bit of a process. Next week, Finn will need information and he'll turn to Britt.

Whatever it is he hopes Britt can do or share, it seems it will not necessarily be something easy for him to ask for. Granted, if Finn needs someone to quietly dig around to get some information, Britt's probably a reasonable resource to ask.

If Chase does soon learn that it's Finn, not Gregory, who is his biological dad, will he have Willow to lean on during the aftermath? During Monday's episode of General Hospital, Willow and Michael signed their annulment papers.

Chase has already been hopeful that he'll have a chance to reunite with Willow. General Hospital spoilers signal that this might be more complicated to accomplish than either of them is thinking, but viewers will see quite a bit more with Chase in particular in the days ahead.