January 25, 2021
Ana Cheri Bounces Her Curvaceous Booty And Ample Bust In Flirty Instagram Share

Ana Cheri started the week off with a sexy, playful update that featured her killer physique and multiple outfit changes, delighting her 12.5 million Instagram followers. The curvy fitness model shook her backside provocatively for the camera and inquired in the caption which skintight outfit was their favorite. Over 30,000 fans double-tapped their screens to show their appreciation for the post in the first two hours after it went live.

It appeared that Ana had propped her phone against a stable surface to capture a selfie video, which was accompanied by the track "oops!" by rapper Yung Gravy. The close-up composition framed her body from her head to her knees as she gyrated and hopped around, creating an enticing jiggle that was impossible to ignore.

As the clip began, Ana stepped into view with her rear to the lens, turned over her left shoulder, and smiled. She then began rapidly swaying her hips from side-to-side to the beat of the music.

She wore a two-piece ensemble that included a pair of high-waisted leggings and a strappy sports bra. The formfitting pants featured additional seamed detailing that accentuated her curves and appeared to have convenient pockets along the outsides of the thighs. The small, circular logo denoting Ana's athleticwear brand, Cheri Fit, was visible in the center, just below her waistband.

The matching top had three pairs of narrow straps across her chiseled back. One set rested vertically over her shoulders; the other two ran vertically and crossed in a double "X" in the center.

The second set was black, and the top was halfway unzipped to display a generous amount of cleavage. The final outfit was the same design as the first, but the fabric was white with a bold, black-and-tan animal print.

The background showed a row of double lockers next to a closed door with a silver knob. The wall above was undecorated, and the room would have appeared unremarkable -- with the exception of the fact that absolutely everything was painted bright cherry-blossom pink.

Ana's followers loved the post and flooded the comments section with praise for her cheery attitude and incredible appearance. Most answered her query in the caption with the response that they loved all of the clothing choices equally, seeming to care much more about the woman who was wearing them. Those who did specify an ensemble seemed to prefer the last one.

"So dang cute boo. Do you carry plus sizes? I'll support my girl by my butts gotta fit," one fan remarked.

"I love them all but the cheetah print just makes you look hotter," a second person declared.