January 25, 2021
Holly Sonders Poses In Just A Towel & Asks Who Needs A Massage

Former Fox Sports personality Holly Sonders shared a sultry snapshot via her Instagram page on Monday. She covered up her fabulous physique with just a towel and her nearly 550,000 followers had a big reaction to the sexy photo.

The geotag for this picture indicated that it was snapped in Los Angeles. Sonders stood outdoors, seemingly on a balcony. A cloudy sky and hazy landscape could be seen in the distance behind the social media influencer, but all eyes were on her flawless curves.

Sonders wore her brunette tresses up hidden under a fluffy white towel. She stood at a slight angle as she was photographed, bending one knee slightly while cocking her other hip.

She looked off past the photographer, somewhat to the side. She bit on another white towel that was draped to cover her seemingly nude body.

A hint of Sonders' perky booty and curvy hips could be seen peeking out from one side of the fuzzy fabric. A glimpse of her shapely thighs could be spotted as well, and a touch of sideboob was visible too.

In her caption, the former golfer teasingly asked if anybody wanted a massage. By the looks of the quick response to this post, plenty of her admirers would be happy to take her up on the offer.

During the first hour after the Maxim personality had initially shared this sexy shot, about 2,500 likes and 100 comments came in from her fans. A couple of people jokingly asked if they could borrow her carefully placed bath linen, clearly angling for a peek of what was under it.

"OH MY GODDDDD," one fan noted while adding a string of fire emoji to the comment.

"Total boss lady," another raved.

"Curves just endless," a third user praised.

"I mean.... who can compete with this?!? Your pics are literally [fire emoji]," someone else declared.

On Sunday, Sonders sent her fans into a frenzy with a video clip. She wore a skimpy red bikini as she pretended to do mouth-to-mouth on a small doll. She was next to a swimming pool as she leaned on all fours over the doll, begging "John" to stay with her.

That comical video was quite a popular one, raking in more than 86,000 views in just 15 hours. People seemed to love the combination of sexy and silly, and the very tiny bikini bottoms surely didn't hurt.

Sonders never leaves her followers waiting long for another titillating update. By the looks of things, this massage teaser will keep everybody going for at least a little while.