January 25, 2021
Belgian Stunner Savannah Prez Flaunts Rock-Hard Body In String Booty Shorts

Savannah Prez gave her 912,000 Instagram followers a strong dose of motivation on Sunday, January 24, in a new post. The Belgian fitness model and online trainer to share a hot new photo that showed her flaunting her rock-hard physique in a workout set that clung to her body, highlighting her shape.

The photo featured Prez outdoors in a wooded area that included a mountain and a river. According to the geotag, she was somewhere in her native Belgium. She posed with her back turned toward the camera, putting her shapely derriere front and center. She arched her back, propping the front leg forward, which further emphasized her shape.

Prez had on a two-piece workout set made from a stretchy blue fabric that outlined her curves. It included a pair of booty shorts with side strings that tied into bows on her thighs. On her torso, she wore a matching sports bra that bared her toned midriff.

Prez wore her light brown hair partially pulled back in a half ponytail and styled in perfectly straight strands that fell to the small of her back.

Prez paired the picture with an inspiring caption in which she stated that "being yourself" encompasses the simplicity of life. In under a day, the post has attracted more than 22,300 likes and over 230 comments.

Many of her followers used the opportunity to rave about Prez's body, beauty and smile, as expected. But many others took to the comments section to interact with her caption, sharing their own thoughts about her statement.

"Blue is absolutely your color [heart emoji] happy week baby," one user wrote.

"Your beauty is so great that it is enough to see you so that my day will light up. You won me over with your grace. Your eyes, your walk, your smile... Each detail yours is perfect for me," replied another fan.

"I only wish that I knew who I really was so I could actually be myself, since that is not as simple after all [smiley with sweat] you look amazing tho," added a third follower.

"That smile would brighten anyone's day," chimed in a fourth admirer.

Prez is known among her fans for sharing health-related content that showcases her figure and for being open about her journey. Last week, she posted a mirror selfie that captured her in a two-piece bathing suit as she addressed the different ways her body has changed over the past year of spending time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as The Inquisitr has previously written. However, she noted that the extra fat and lost muscle doesn't dampen her sparkle.