Mark Sanchez Wears Headband, Gets Blasted On Twitter

Mark Sanchez Wears Headband, Gets Blasted On Twitter

Mark Sanchez wore a headband on Thursday that had people on Twitter commenting on his fashion rather than his battle to keep his job with the New York Jets.

The onetime starter for the New York Jets talked to reporters about his chances of maintaining the starting quarterback job in New York after struggling so badly last year. Sanchez is now one of four quarterbacks competing for the job — including promising rookie Geno Smith — and could find his way out of New York soon if he can’t win the starting gig.

When asked if he’ll be the started in 2012, Sanchez replied,”Sure, no doubt. Of course.”

It was a strong statement from the quarterback who struggled with inconsistency and injury in 2013, a season punctuated by the notorious “butt fumble.” And, in fact, the proclamation likely would have made quite a splash on Twitter if it weren’t for the green stretchy headband Mark Sanchez wore.

Mark Sanchez even referenced the headband, saying he was “channeling my inner soccer player.”

Some noted that it looked like the kind of headband a girl would wear to a yoga session or one a European soccer player would wear. Others thought it looked like part of the hairnet fast food workers are required to wear.

If he doesn’t improve his performance quickly, Mark Sanchez and his headband might need to find a new home. The Jets have committed to keeping the quarterback at least through training camp, but they could soon be looking to trade or cut Sanchez if Geno Smith can earn the starting job.