Jon Bon Jovi Visits Paul McCartney's Childhood Bedroom For A Trip Down Memory Lane

Jon Bon Jovi visited Paul McCartney's childhood bedroom for what he called a trip down memory lane in an Instagram snap he shared with his 833,000 followers.

The New Jersey-born and bred superstar visited the 20 Forthlin Road residence in south Liverpool, Merseyside, England for a photo taken in 2019 in which he was photographed among some of Paul's artifacts to honor the musician's 77th birthday. Jon was in the area, claimed the Echo, to perform at Anfield stadium with his band Bon Jovi.

The building was named a historic location by the National Trust of the United Kingdom. The home is an example of post-war terraced council housing. The McCartney family included Paul, his brother Michael and their parents Jim and Mary.

In the photograph, Jon stood in Paul's room where several albums were scattered about. It also included black and white images of The Beatles from when they were known as the Quarrymen. Also seen in the photo was a shot of Paul's first guitar, an Archtop, which as a lefty, he played backward because guitars were generally strung for right-handed players.

The furniture was covered with a thin, white bedcover. Polka dot curtains with a yellow background covered the windows to the left of the bed. On the wall was a black and white snap of Paul that was mounted in a black frame.

An album by one of Paul's favorites, Buddy Holly, was on the bed. He would eventually purchase the publishing rights to the entire catalog of Buddy Holly's recordings in 1976 as reported by The Buddy Holly Project. Next to the bed was a small nightstand with a clock.

Jon looked happy in the solo image. He wore a gray t-shirt with a v-neckline. Atop that, he wore a leather jacket and dark-colored jeans.

In the comments section of the post, Jon identified the location and said he was in "awe." Fans appeared to also be thrilled with the location and added their own remarks regarding the snap.

"Your happy face says it all! I love you, Jon! I believe you. We can see it in your face. What a unique and unforgettable moment," wrote one fan.

"Memories is all we have when we can't have live music," penned a second follower.

"Oh cool! That's from Liverpool 2019! Your visit to Beatle Paul's childhood home. What an awesome experience to go there!" claimed a third Instagram follower.

"Omg, this just made me so emotional!" remarked a fourth fan.