Lohan Leaves Rehab Minutes After Arriving

Lindsay Lohan Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan checked in, and then out, of rehab today. Yep, the troubled actress left her court ordered rehab after just a few minutes.

Lohan was ordered to attend rehab earlier this month but the actress apparently knows better than the court. Lohan reportedly went to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach and told the employees there that she didn’t actually need rehab.

A source told Radar Online: “She told people there that she didn’t need rehab … And then she left. Everyone was stunned.”

Are you surprised that Lohan left rehab today? The actress reportedly missed her flight to California today and was dangerously close to meeting her deadline. Lohan did make it to rehab on time. Of course, she left after just a few minutes.

But maybe she’ll get bonus points for showing up?

Lohan’s whereabouts aren’t known at the moment but Deputy Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White said that an arrest warrant would be issued if Lohan has truly skipped out on her rehab.

White said: “If there’s credible confirmation she’s heading back to New York, then I’m going to have to go in and ask the court to issue a warrant.”

Hopefully, Lohan’s rehab fiasco is merely a massive misunderstanding. The actress was scheduled to check into the Seafield Center in Westhampton, New York, but she made a last minute decision to go to Morningside.

It’s possible that Lohan thought that the court would approve the switch but when she found out that attending Morningside wouldn’t count toward her sentence she decided to head back to New York.

Still, it was probably a bad decision for Lohan to leave rehab.

A source said: “She felt Morningside was not suitable for her. There were too many paparazzi everywhere and she didn’t feel safe. Nobody close to her is happy about this. They think she’s really not being smart.”

Are you surprised that there is drama surrounding Lindsay Lohan’s rehab treatment.