January 25, 2021
Holly Sonders Goes Full Bombshell In Scanty Bikini & Gives Doll Mouth-To-Mouth In New Instagram Video

Holly Sonders showed off her resuscitation skills in her most recent Instagram share. The model left very little to the imagination when she posed poolside for a hilarious clip in which she pretended to give mouth-to-mouth to a doll. Her 549,000 followers rewarded her rescue efforts with high engagement stats soon after she posted her offering.

In the video, Holly was on all-fours as she concentrated on her mission. She was next to a sparkling pool, with a stone pillar and outdoor dining suite behind her.

However, Holly's full attention was on "John," whom she was rescuing, while the voice of another woman also urged "John" to hold on to life.

"Live John, live," Holly cried, as she bounced up and down above her plastic patient.

Holly furiously pumped the dummy's chest before she asked him to respond and leaned over to give him the kiss of life. The video abruptly ended after she placed her lips on "John."

The former Golf Channel host looked incredible in a racy bikini that did nothing but favors for her physique. The halterneck swimsuit revealed her cleavage, and the crimson color complemented her bronzed skin.

On her lower half, Holly sported a barely there thong which just covered the necessary. The t-string was a snug fit and allowed her to showcase her pert booty and the curve of her hips. Holly also impressed her admirers with her strong thighs.

Holly styled her hair in a side part, and her long brown locks cascaded down the side of her face. She also rocked a pair of large hoop earrings to complete her look.

Holly's fans loved the update, and many of them hit the "like" button. This specific video has already garnered over 53,000 views and a slew of comments. Many waxed lyrical about her beauty, while others poked fun at the clip.

A follower mused that he would have loved to be the dummy.

"Wish you could give me CPR," they wrote.

Another investigated the matter at hand by asking a tongue-in-cheek question.

"Did you excite John so much his heart couldn't take it?" they wondered.

One admirer referred to one of the most-watched TV series of all time.

"'Baywatch' coming back to television but this time on a premium channel like HBO?!" another hoped before adding a heart-eyed emoji.

A fourth Instagrammer complimented her on her skill set.

"Lovely pumping technique, can you try on me?" they wanted to know.

Holly has been sharing some red-hot content as of late. Just yesterday, she updated her feed with a racy photo. In that offering, she wore lacy black lingerie which clung to her enviable curves.