January 24, 2021
Lindsey Pelas Rocks Daisy Dukes And Fringe Top That Reveals An Eyeful Of Cleavage To Dress Up As A Cowgirl

Blond bombshell Lindsey Pelas brought some desert heat to her Instagram page on Sunday by sharing a sexy video of herself all dressed up like the cowgirl of her fans' dreams.

The scorching-hot share was her latest promo for Bang Energy drink, and she was shown sipping some of the brand's Radical Skadattle beverage from a can while trying to cool off in her video's desert setting. She also fanned herself with her fancy straw cowboy hat, which featured a curved brim, pinched crown, and large punched leather decoration on the front.

Lindsey's hat was the tamest piece that she wore. Her racy take on Western wear included a skintight white crop top with a plunging neckline that made her colossal cleavage command attention. The revealing garment was covered with long beaded fringe that made her chest even harder to ignore. The silver strands swayed and bounced around as her bust jiggled, and she ensured that that her upper assets did quite a bit of this by strutting across the sand with plenty of pep in her step.

When the Eyes Up Here podcast host turned around, she revealed that her top's tightness was adjustable, thanks to a lace-up detail formed from sturdy silver grommets and a thick piece of string.

Lindsey's bottoms were a pair of distressed Daisy Dukes with a slashed-up front and their own lace-up accents on the sides. She left a few of the lower grommets empty, tying the strings in bows up higher on her shapely hips. The shorts' frayed hems almost reached the crease of her thigh, ensuring that she got to show off all of her hard work on her lower body.

Lindsey wore her hair styled in soft, full curls that she was shown teasingly tossing and grabbing. She was filmed swaying her hips in an exaggerated manner as she walked. She also made a playful finger gun gesture, and she treated her viewers to plenty of flirty smiles.

Lindsey's geotag indicated that her video was filmed in Joshua Tree, California, and the tourist destination's spiny namesakes appeared in her footage. Barren mountains formed part of her backdrop, as did a rustic structure with a few benches sitting in front of it. They were covered with colorful patterned blankets.

In her caption, Lindsey asked her followers if she could be their "favorite cowgirl," and it was soon clear that she had won this designation in the minds of many of them.

"As if you even have to ask!!!" read one response in the comments section.

"How about just being my favorite everything," wrote another admirer.

"So adorable, so indescribably gorgeous!!" a third fan gushed.