January 25, 2021
Sly Stallone's Daughter, Sistine, Crushes A Golf Drive While Wearing A Tiny Miniskirt

Sly Stallone's daughter, Sistine, stunned her 1.4 million Instagram followers after posting a video in which she showed off her golfing prowess at the tee. The video was posted to her Instagram stories.

For the occasion, Sistine wore a classic golf ensemble. On the top, she had on a white sleeveless shirt that allowed her arms to have a full range of motion during her swing. The back had a racerback silhouette that exposed her toned shoulders. In the front, the shirt had a V-neck cut that featured a black striped trim along the hem. The addition added some chic contrast to the garment.

Sistine paired the top with a black skirt. The dark hue highlighted her sun-kissed skin. The hemline of the garment was incredibly short and ended at Sistine's upper thighs. As a result, a majority of her long and lean legs were on display.

In keeping with the monochromatic theme, Sistine completed the look with a pair of black ankle-high socks and some white golf shoes. She also sported a white golf glove on her left hand to protect her palms from calluses.

Sistine Stallone wears a white turtleneck and black pants.
Getty Images | Jerod Harris

The 47 Meters Down: Uncaged star accessorized with a pair of chic circular sunglasses and a pair of Apple air pods. Sistine styled her hair into a half-up, half-down look. The hairdo both kept loose tendrils away from her face and allowed for her to show off her long locks from the back.

The setting was a lush green course with a lagoon, palm trees, and a bright blue sky in the backdrop.

The video immediately opened with Sistine taking her swing and nailing her drive. After completing the motion, she brought her hand up to her forehead to shield her eyes from the sun and better see the trajectory of her ball. After a few seconds of looking out over the hole, she appeared satisfied and turned around to face the camera before walking back to her companions.

This is not the first time Sistine has wowed fans with her golfing abilities. As was previously covered by The Inquisitr, the 22-year-old seemed to drop jaws this past fall after showing off her drive while engaging in some playful banter with her superstar dad. In fact, her shot was such a success that Sly admitted his daughter was born with the "eye of the tiger."

More recently, Sistine impressed her followers after lip syncing with her dad to "Cooler Than Me" in a fun clip posted to TikTok.