January 25, 2021
Hannah Palmer Stuns By Showing A Glimpse Of Her Buns In A Pink Miniskirt

Hannah Palmer described herself as "pretty in pink" in the caption of a post she uploaded to Instagram on Sunday. The model's entire ensemble was a pastel shade of the soft and feminine color, and the skimpy pieces revealed a great deal of her warm-toned skin.

Hannah, 22, revealed that her outfit was from the brand PrettyLittleThing. Her cotton candy-colored crop top was crafted out of ribbed fabric for a textured appearance. The flirty piece had a deep V-neck that exposed the upper curves of her busty chest. Two long strings adorned the plunging neckline's bottom point, and they were tied in a bow. The rest of the front was open to provide a peek at her flat stomach.

She teamed her tiny top with a pleated miniskirt constructed out of much heavier fabric. The piece had a high waist with wide belt loops. Hannah gave her look a whimsical touch by carrying a purse crafted from plush fabric similar to what stuffed animals are commonly made out of. She completed her ensemble with ribbed athletic ankle socks and a pair of solid white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

She kept the focus on her outfit and her curves by keeping her bling understated. Her only jewelry was a silver-and-gold designer watch and a pair of small silver hoop earrings.

Hannah's silky blond hair was neatly parted to one side and styled in high braided pigtails. She left two long tendrils free on each side of her face.

The model posed inside a commercial building between a concrete partition wall and an elevator. The spacious area was dimly lit, but natural light from a window provided additional flattering illumination. In her first photo, she sat on the shiny gray floor, leaning back on her hands. She stretched her shapely legs out in front of her with her knees bent while gazing at the camera, giving it a sensual smirk.

In the next shot, she remained seated. The model grabbed her right ankle with her corresponding hand and turned away from the camera while closing her eyes. Sitting on the ground has been a running theme for Hannah — she did it while rocking Daisy Dukes on a sidewalk and in a parking garage.

Her latest IG share also included one picture of herself standing, and it provided a peek at her perky buns. She stood sideways and sassily lifted one knee while glancing down at the camera over her shoulder.

Her followers agreed with an assessment of how she looks in pink, describing her as "the cutest ever," "enchanting," and a "baby doll."