January 25, 2021
Yaslen Clemente Gets Flirty With Isabella Buscemi In Steamy Bikini Update

Fitness model Yaslen Clemente brought some heat to her Instagram page Sunday with a flirtatious video clip that electrified her 2.5 million followers. She and the equally gorgeous influencer Isabella Buscemi flaunted their enviable figures while wearing skimpy brightly colored bathing suits that left fans wanting more. It took less than four hours for the titillating post to amass over 30,000 views.

Yaslen's string bikini featured a light coral shade with off-white accents that outlined the shape of the tiny triangle cups and the straps against her thighs. She chose to wear the top of the suit fashionably inverted, so the single strap that usually would have encircled her rib cage was tied behind her neck, creating a deeply rounded neckline that exposed a much larger portion of her breasts. The cups pointed out to the sides and wrapped around her torso, leaving a glimpse of underboob peeking out the center.

Her hair was parted down the center and styled to accentuate her tight curls, which she coquettishly tossed back and forth when a light breeze appeared to blow a few tendrils across her smiling face. She accessorized with a gold-colored dangling choker that spelled out her first name. Her long, manicured nails were painted opaque white.

Isabella's minuscule bikini featured fluorescent orange and nearly translucent panels of fabric outlined in buttery yellow. The overall design was similar to Yaslen's, although she wore her top in the more traditional fashion. Her long tresses spilled to the middle of her back. Isabella's stylish necklace featured her last name in gold script.

The mellow instrumental track selected to accompany the video was "Make It Rain" by Daxten.

The clip featured a series of close-up shots of the two ladies that cut quickly from scene-to-scene. The constant movement and change of focus created a dizzying effect that amplified the intoxicating beauty of the models frolicking in a tropical environment.

As the reel progressed, Yaslen and Isabella wrapped their arms around each other as they walked side-by-side toward the camera, embraced as they appeared to be sharing a special secret, and playfully danced together while grasping hands.

Yaslen also interacted with the camera individually for a few moments, as she caressed her décolletage and gave the camera a smoldering gaze.

Yaslen's Instagram followers were quick to react to the share and flooded the comments section with adoration for the stunning duo.

"My favs always together," one fan praised, adding a trio of kitty heart-eye emoji to their words.

"Damn babes," a second person remarked.