Rachel Cook Takes To The Shadows In Tiny, Curve-Enhancing Top

Model and content creator Rachel Cook has been on a tear on social media lately, igniting her Instagram timeline with a bevy of eye-popping pictures. On Sunday, the 26-year-old tempted her 3 million followers yet again with a pair of shadowy snaps that were sure to drop jaws.

In her latest offering, Cook owned the frame in a tiny black top that accentuated her curvy bustline while leaving her sculpted abs bare to the elements. While her body was largely draped in shadows throughout the provocative pictorial, the umbral shroud added an enticing air of mystery to the sultry presentation.

Cook captioned the photos by imploring her fans to spend "at least a little time" doing something they truly loved. Examining the model's uploads was clearly an activity that qualified for a significant number of them, as the Hunted star's post racked up nearly 20,000 double-taps in less than 30 minutes.

The comments section was filled with several dozen replies praising her sensuous physique and sex appeal in the spread.

"I love how sensual you are [heart eye emoji]," wrote one smitten supporter.

"Gorgeous photos," a second devotee declared. "Love the use of shadows [heart emoji]."

"Oh Rachel, you are just so beautiful!!" appraised another admirer. "Thank you for being sweet as well."

"Insanely gorgeous," a fourth follower admired.

The first photo was a medium close-up shot of Cook from the waist up as she posed with her hands pressed to her temples. Her lips were parted in a seductive manner while her brow furrowed with intensity and her piercing blue eyes focused on something off to her right.

Cook accessorized with a pair of large gold-tinged hoop earrings. Her dainty neck and sharp shoulders were left uncovered, save for the ultra-thin support straps of her top. The garment was taut against her perky bustline and upper torso, enhancing her body's slender yet sinuous shape.

On the second slide, the Seattle, Washington, native was snapped in the same dimly lit location. However, she dropped her right arm to her side and peered directly into the lens as she was snapped.

At the lower edge of the frame, she looked to have shifted her hip to her left side, placing additional emphasis on her shapely midsection. Furthermore, her bare navel could be seen just above the waistline of her pants.

Just a few days before taking to the shadows, Cook brought the sizzle to feeds everywhere with a photo update in which she rocked a skimpy black lingerie ensemble that put her peachy posterior on full display.