January 24, 2021
Tammy Hembrow Puts Her Cleavage On Display In New Selfie

On January 24, Tammy Hembrow took to her Instagram page to upload a series of pictures. The Australian influencer posted an update that showed her flaunting her ample assets in a skimpy bikini top.

Tammy used her phone's camera to capture the sizzling hot snaps. In the first two pics, she held the mobile device in her left hand as she extended her arm away from her face to get the best angle possible. From what was visible, she was at a resort, lounging on a sunbed under an umbrella. She posed for a very seductive selfie, flaunting her cleavage in a revealing swimsuit. In the first image, the babe was gazing at the distance with a smile, while in the next photo, she looked directly at the lens with her lips parted. The blue cloud-filled sky and trees were visible in the background.

The third pic was a picture of the sand and a shadow of her hand holding her sunglasses. The fifth photo featured her lovely kids having their meals in the bed. The rest of the images showed detailed shots of food.

In the update, Tammy rocked a printed bikini top that boasted a plunging neckline. The cups were padded and barely contained her shapely chest. The swimwear had a tight fit with a halter-style strap clinging to her neck for support. However, her bust appeared to stretch out the piece.

Tammy styled her blond locks in pigtail braids that suited her nicely. She let the long strands hang over her shoulders with the ends grazing her breasts. Apart from her nose ring, the influencer opted to wear a pair of dangling earrings to enhance her look.

She paired the photo with a short caption, where she mentioned "feeling good."

Even though the new share has been live for less than a day, it already received a ton of attention from her online fans. In addition to over 174,000 likes, the update has also pulled in more than 500 comments. Some of Tammy's social media followers took to the comments section to let her know she looked beautiful. Countless other admirers raved over her tantalizing assets and skin, while a few followers expressed their admiration with a combination of emoji.

"Looking gorgeous, as always! Your septum is really popping here too!" one of her followers wrote.

"You look even more beautiful when you are happy. You are literally brighter than the sun," gushed another admirer.

"Those lips, eyes, and skin are perfect! I also like your braids," a third user praised.