January 24, 2021
Qimmah Russo Heats Up Instagram While Wearing Teensy Satin Lingerie

Fitness model Qimmah Russo embraced a romantic look in her latest Instagram share on Saturday evening. She sent her 1.7 million followers' pulses racing with a five-photo series in which she wore a stunning bra-and-panty set that left them wanting more. Over 30,000 people hit the like button in the first few hours after the post was uploaded.

Qimmah reminded her supporters in the caption that the February holiday focusing on love and romance is just around the corner, but she suggested that there was plenty of time left for lovers to think about gifting their significant other something seductive.

She credited the apparel brand Fashion Nova for her ensemble. The underwire bra had revealing demi-cups featuring ice-blue satin edged in white lace that covered only a small portion of her swelling bust and enticingly accentuated the depth of her cleavage. The thin straps sat wide across her chiseled shoulders, creating an uninterrupted view of her decolletage.

The matching panties also had a skimpy fit. A tiny square of floral lace topped the minuscule triangle of fabric that formed the front of the garment, and the attached straps rested extremely high over her hips, parallel with the sparkling piece of jewelry in her pierced navel.

Qimmah's athletic physique looked incredible in the outfit as she posed coquettishly for what appeared to be a sequence of casual bathroom selfies. The all-white background comprised a fluffy robe and a shower curtain concealing a marble-tiled bathtub. In one of the images, she perched on the narrow edge of the porcelain tub and appeared to be flexing her muscular legs.

She posed standing in the other four snaps to give fans an ample view of her body, the camera focusing particularly on her taut abdominal region and her curvaceous breasts. A beautiful wide smile and flirty vibe in the first picture gave way to bedroom eyes and a smoldering expression in the several following.

She wore her dark hair in sexy, messy curls and gathered a thick section up into a bunch at the top of her head, letting a few tendrils spill out and frame the sides of her face.

Qimmah's post caused several fans to make religious references in the comments section — both in exclamation and gratitude. Those who did not mention a higher power seemed equally as impressed by the share and were not shy in saying so.

"Oooo them hips mami," one fan declared, following the compliment with a flame emoji.

"Such a beautiful woman," a second fan observed.