'World's Hottest Nurse' Lauren Drain Squats In A Crocheted Bikini On The Beach While Lifting Unusual Weights

Lauren Drain rocked some unconventional workout wear during her Mexican getaway and also used unusual weights while working her glutes, quads, and hamstrings. She took to Instagram on Saturday to show her 3.7 million followers the outdoor gym that she discovered during her trip.

Lauren, 35, rose to fame as a bikini competitor and fitness model, but her day job helped her score her unofficial title as "The World's Hottest Nurse." Her latest IG video reminded her online audience how she earned the "Hottest" designation. She was filmed on a gorgeous beach in Tulum, where she has been enjoying a relaxing getaway. However, her footage made it evident that she's not slacking when it comes to her exercise routine.

Lauren performed a set of squats while visiting Tulum's famous "Jungle Gym." The unique outdoor fitness center featured equipment that's mostly made out of wood and bamboo. Lauren's barbell appeared to be metal, but the massive weights on it were large hunks of wood shaped to look like bigger versions of the metal weights used in most gyms.

Lauren sweated it out on a small wooden platform covered with sand. As she worked her lower body, she also worked on her tan. She left little of her skin — including her buns — hidden from the sun by rocking a white crocheted bikini. Her adjustable string top had triangle cups and ties around the neck and back. Her bottoms boasted a cheeky back that showed off the results of all her hard work on her glutes. The waist was embellished with cowrie shell trim, as the shiny white shells swayed and jiggled as Lauren squatted.

On her feet, the fitness model wore a pair of cream-colored sandals. Each shoe featured two wide straps around the ankle, and they were trimmed with small tassels. Lauren wore her blond hair styled half-up in pigtails.

The camera zoomed around her as she performed a few squats. The effort made her engage her core, which emphasized her abs' sculpted shape. Her barely-there athletic wear also showcased her muscular thighs, strong back, and toned arms.

The turquoise sea was visible in the distance behind the petite powerhouse, along with a stretch of beach. The soundtrack that she chose for her video was the TikTok hit "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)" by Popp Hunna.

In her caption, she deemed the Jungle Gym the "most appropriate place" to exercise in a bikini. Her fans were impressed with her physical prowess and the way that she looked in her skimpy attire.

"That's great form," one admirer wrote in the comments section.

"WOW. Babe you are amazing!!" another gushed.

"Perfect squat! Gorgeous body," a third message read.