January 24, 2021
Demi Rose Puts Hourglass Figure On Display In Skintight Bodysuit

Model/influencer and hip-hop muse Demi Rose is well-known for boasting one of the more sinuous physiques on Instagram. On Saturday night, the tempting 25-year-old thrilled her nearly 16 million followers on the platform with one of the best presentations of her hourglass figure to date.

In her latest photo update, Demi brought the heat by offering multiple looks at her shapely exterior in a bodysuit that perfectly conformed to her various curves and contours. Meanwhile, the Birmingham, England, product's thick thighs were covered by what appeared to be the upper reaches of a thigh-high boot set.

Demi tagged the UK-based boutique PrettyLittleThing as the firm behind her sexy ensemble in the accompanying caption. She also referred to herself as an "old soul," in addition to citing some of her other attributes.

Fans found themselves sufficiently hot and bothered over Demi's sultry share in short order, collectively double-tapping it almost 120,000 times in just over an hour. Furthermore, the comments section saw a flurry of activity, as hundreds felt compelled to publicly swoon over her incredible allure.

"She is always looking absolutely beautiful," opined one commenter.

"Like a goddess."
"THE PERFECT WOMAN," exclaimed a second supporter.
"@demirose you're the most beautiful rose in the whole world," added a third admirer.
"Love you."
"She is class all the way," appraised a fourth follower.
"From head to toe."
In the first slide, Demi was snapped from the side in a medium shot that found her posing before a large, alabaster-hued structure. Although her head was turned to face the camera, her dark eyes were focused away from the lens. Meanwhile, her glossy, maroon-colored lips were parted slightly to add to the overall sensuality of her expression.

The size and shape of both her ample bosom and plus-sized posterior were well-evidenced due to the positioning of her body. The manner in which she separated her legs further served to emphasize her sinuous form.

Demi's tight bodysuit was shadowy beige — just a few shades darker than her sun-kissed skin, which popped against her lighter surroundings — and it wrapped around her dainty neck. Her boots were much lighter in tone and were downright baggy around her upper legs.

In the second snap, Demi was captured by the camera from straight on while striking a similar pose. As a result, her hourglass shape could be seen in all its glory. Additionally, the outlines of her nipples could be traced through her suit, which barely managed to contain her sizable attributes.

One day earlier, the runway star turned virtual heads with a post that showed her going topless beneath a long fur coat.