January 25, 2021
Christie Brinkley, 66, Shows Off Her Amazing Legs & Surgery Scar In A Black Swimsuit While Posing On A Rock

Christie Brinkley isn't letting her hip surgery stop her from showing off her incredible legs or putting them to good use. On Saturday, the model took to Instagram to show off her shapely stems in a chic swimsuit. She also revealed how she's been using her love for the sea to help with her rehab.

In a previous post, the 66-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue icon revealed that she underwent hip replacement surgery last November after suffering from hip pain for years. The pain stemmed from an injury that occurred when she was involved in a helicopter crash during a 1994 skiing trip.

Christie's surgical scar hasn't even completely healed yet, but she's happily resumed her active lifestyle. In her IG update, she wrote that swimming has been "great rehab," and that she particularly enjoys going snorkeling while visiting her beachfront estate in the Turks & Caicos.

The vivacious beach lover shared a few photos that were taken after she had gotten some exercise while exploring the ocean. She demonstrated her modeling skills by making it look comfortable to sit on a huge boulder with jagged edges and a rough surface. It sat in front of a rocky outcrop formed from layers of stone. Scrubby green brush and tropical plants grew in the soil on top of the interesting formation.

Christie was clad in a black maillot with a scoop neck and skinny shoulder straps. The one-piece had high-cut leg openings that revealed the scar from her operation. She explained that it was partially uncovered because she had lost a bandage while swimming.

She had left some of her bling on, including a silver watch, chain bracelet, and large ring. In her hands, she held her snorkel mask, swim fins, and long pieces of rope attached to small buoys.

Christie's blond hair was soaked and slicked back from her face. She stretched her toned right leg out in front of her so that her foot was in the sand, and she bent her other long limb to rest her left foot on the side of her stony seat. The sun-kissed supermodel looked radiant and refreshed, and she appeared to be laughing when her photos were taken.

Christie's positive attitude often seems to rub off on her Instagram followers, and they had a lot of nice things to say about her in the comments section.

"You're everyone's Uptown Girl even after nearly 40 years," one fan wrote.

"Sun, saltwater and healing. Always beautiful," another admirer added.

"Out of all the models growing up, you were my favorite! Nice to see that you have remained such a beauty. Taking care of yourself has certainly paid off. Looking fit and fabulous! Bravo!" a third comment read.