January 23, 2021
Cindy Prado Sticks Her Buns Up In A Cheeky Black Monokini While Posing In A Pool With A View

Cindy Prado sunned her buns and gave her 1.9 million Instagram followers a view to enjoy while showing off the breathtaking scenery surrounding her villa in St. Barths.

The model has been celebrating her birthday week on the island, with a little help from a group of her gorgeous gal pals. The location of her latest photoshoot was similar to a spot featured in photos shared by one of her fellow travelers, influencer Vale Genta.

Cindy was photographed making use of a small pool. It had a weathered wood deck, and it was partially surrounded by lush tropical greenery. Her sumptuous accommodations were located on a mountainside overlooking a bay, giving her a scenic view of the island's coast. The water far below her was sapphire blue, and the sea could be seen stretching all the way to the horizon.

Cindy was clad in a monokini from Fashion Nova. The one-piece was black with cream-colored accents and lining. The neckline plunged down to the navel, where wide strips of fabric were tied at the waist. The belt-like detail was attached to the back. It helped hold the entire garment in place, as the sides were completely open otherwise.

Above the bust, small bands of cream fabric were wrapped around both sides of the swimsuit to help form its thick halter ties. The back was mostly open, save for the cheeky seat that put Cindy's peachy derrière on display.

The model accessorized with chunky gold hoop earrings and stacked necklaces, including two chains with coin medallions and a few strings of small beads. Her blond hair was styled in flowy waves that gleamed in the bright sunlight.

The first photo showed Cindy lying on her side beside the pool. She propped herself up with her right arm and faced the camera. The pose highlighted her shapely hips and slim waist.

The second image captured her from an angle that included a view of her bathing suit's back. She stood in the shallow water, which just reached the bottom of her bared buns. She was captured in profile in the next pic, and the fourth found her lying on her stomach with her upper body on the deck and her lower legs in the pool. She arched her back and thrust her pert posterior up in the air while casually resting the side of her face on her right hand.

In the final shot, Cindy stood sideways in the water and sensually stared at the camera as a breeze appeared to tease her hair.

In the comments section, her fans described her as "gorgeous," "beautiful," and "too hot."

"That's a hell of a view," wrote one admirer.